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Calcium and weight loss are often discussed in the same conversation for a spectrum of reasons.  While one is a nutrient and the other is an effect, their paths often cross in various subjects regarding nutrition, metabolism, exercise, aging and many other factors.  That said, you may wonder if their relationship extends to one causing the other. Read on to learn more!

How are Calcium and Weight Loss Related?

The relationship between calcium and weight loss is a complex one.  The fact is that simply consuming foods that contain it or taking supplements to add it to your regular nutrition will not cause pounds of fat to magically melt away.  Still, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t connected in a favorable way.

What is Calcium?

Calcium is the mineral that is highly required in the body because it has several functions. The highest percentage of the calcium is stored in teeth and bones, and it functions to support the structures for the bones and teeth. The other percentage of the calcium is found in muscles, blood, and in fluid that is contained between the cells.

Calcium is also required for secretion of enzymes and hormones, muscle contraction, blood vessel expansion and contraction and for sending messages through nervous system. There is constant level of calcium maintained in tissues and body fluid for vital body processes to have efficient function, including for weight loss, gain, or maintenance, depending on your lifestyle habits.

Does it Promote Fat Burning?

Taking daily calcium supplements and eating calcium-fortified foods has many health benefits and may help promote weight loss. This doesn’t mean that by making no other changes, boosting the amount you consume will make body fat disappear. However, it can lend support to certain body functions that are critical to the overall fat burning process.

Weight loss is the loss of total mass of the body to improve health, fitness or appearance. There are various types of products and programs for weight loss diet. For people who are planning to lose weight, they should look for the best weight loss supplements.

There are healthy programs for the weight loss available, too. After all, a supplement alone can’t magically transform a person into the perfect shape. It’s just not what they do. Instead, those diet pills provide benefits that offer meaningful support for making those programs easier to stick to by reducing or eliminating the challenges they’d otherwise put in your way.

The Importance of Calcium to Overall Nutrition During Weight Loss

Even as you change what you eat for the purpose of losing weight, it’s very important to focus on getting complete nutrition in your diet.  For this reason, many doctors recommend that nutritional supplements come in the form of multivitamins or for specific purposes such as a vision supplement, but that you don’t take individual vitamin or mineral supplements on their own unless specifically directed to do so.

The reason is that individual nutrients are far more complex than most of us realize. For instance, taking a calcium supplement on its own may not even be digested by the body unless also accompanied by other vitamins and minerals you require to absorb it. It is very important to consume other minerals and vitamins in your the diet that help calcium to be absorbed. Otherwise, you’ll essentially be creating very expensive waste because you’ll be excreting most – if not all – your supplements into the toilet.

To get the calcium you need to support your weight loss and overall health, it’s a good idea to take it as a part of a multivitamin or, even better, to get it from a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. This way, your body will receive what it needs for the mineral to be absorbed so that your body can use it.

Where is Calcium Most Helpful in Weight Loss Support?

There is relationship between weight loss and calcium. This is because calcium reduces weight because it has the ability control obesity and high cholesterol level. It also helps in reducing the acidity that is contained in the stomach and enhances quick digestion of food. Availability of the right supplement for calcium can enable one to have as many meals as possible per day. Dairy products with low fat are consumed to fulfill needs for the calcium intake on daily bases and to enhance loss of weight.
High level of calcium in blood reduces body fat; this brings in the connection between the weight loss, and calcium. This is because calcium is an active substance that stops storage of fats in various parts of body. Still, you won’t see any benefits from this effect unless you’re following a calorie-appropriate diet with a solid macronutrient and nutritional balance.  If you do need to supplement this mineral, take it along with the best diet you can consume on a regular basis to be sure you’re getting the most from it. Your doctor might also recommend that you take it in a combination pill, with meals, that brings together calcium, magnesium and vitamin D, as the three typically rely on each other and are all beneficial to the body.

Fortified Foods Instead of Supplements

There are calcium-fortified foods like orange juice, cereals among others that help you to get the levels you need without relying on supplements as you support your weight loss efforts. This is particularly important for certain groups of people who especially need this mineral, such as the elderly, children, and pregnant women.  That said, we can all benefit from boosts such as from yogurt milks and fortified milk alternatives.