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Appetite Control Toothpaste Information

Can you really enjoy cleaner teeth and less hunger with appetite control toothpaste?

Losing weight can be hectic and frustrating if you are unable to achieve the results you expected. Most times, this is due to bad binge-eating habits, whether you are eating late at night or overeating throughout the day. The people who do not suffer from the annoying habit of eating when bored or eating when emotional do not understand that this is more than just a minor problem.
When food becomes more than just your best friend, it gets quite unhealthy and adds fat to the bodies of those who are already overweight or obese. Doctors and scientists have created many different kinds of products, all with the purpose of making it easier for customers to lose weight easily and harmlessly. Amongst the many products that help you shed at least one pound a week is the appetite control toothpaste, White Glo Crave-Away. The job of this little beast is to suppress your appetite and control your binge-eating habits so you can focus on weight loss.
How Does the White Glo Crave-Away Toothpaste Work?
The White Glo Crave-Away does exactly what it promises to do and makes your breath smell great at the same time. However, it must be noted that you have to brush your teeth around three times a day in order to suppress your hunger throughout the day. For example, if you brush your teeth with the toothpaste in the morning, it will reduce your appetite so you will not feel hungry throughout the morning. But if you skip brushing your teeth during the afternoon, your appetite is more than likely to stay. Users of this appetite control toothpaste reported that the product helped them drop around two to three pounds in two weeks by suppressing their appetite.
The Argument: Is Appetite Control Toothpaste Worth Your Money?
Many users said they were satisfied and content with the results, but a majority said it was too expensive and that the tube was rather small as well. White Glo Crave-Away is three times the price of normal toothpaste, and the tube is comparatively tiny. Also, many users of the toothpaste reported they had started carrying their toothbrush and toothpaste with them each time they left the house since they had to keep brushing their teeth in order to ensure the effects of the appetite suppressant.
This led them to question whether the toothpaste really did control their appetite or not, as they felt that the results would have been same had they been using their normal toothpastes to brush their teeth throughout the day. Yet, for all its cons, the appetite control toothpaste does seem to make weight loss easier.