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Do you remember when people who were obese and struggling to lose weight would be given a Fen-Phen prescription? Well, that product has long been banned from the market, and for several good reasons. Continue reading to learn why obesity patients are no longer given this medication to help them lose weight.

What Is Fen-Phen?

Before diving into the reason why you can’t get a Fen-Phen prescription anymore, it is important to know what this product was in the first place. Put simply, Fen-Phen was a prescription that contained a combination of drugs. Those drugs were Fenfluramine and Phentermine, and they promised appetite-suppressing effects that could help people lose weight.

Although Phentermine is still available, Fenfluramine was withdrawn from the market in the late 1990s, and the combination of these drugs is also no longer allowed as well.

The Adverse Effects of a Fen-Phen Prescription

Even though Fen-Phen showed promise as a weight loss product, it was banned in 1997 by the FDA. The product was taken off the market because it was linked with severe side effects on the cardiovascular system.

According to WebMD, Fen-Phen was causing heart valve problems, and researchers have found that the negative effects can last for years after patients stop taking the product.

There Are Better Products Now Available

Even though you can no longer get a prescription for Fen-Phen because the product is so damaging, there are other prescription diet pills available that you can talk to your doctor about. Your physician will assess your health and your weight loss needs in order to determine if a prescription diet pill is really the best option. And, if you are not the right candidate for a prescription weight loss product, rest assured that there are also otc diet pills that you can purchase over the counter, and you can discuss those options with your doctor as well.