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Weight Loss of 15 poundsDo you need to lose 15 pounds? This weight loss goal is surprisingly common. And even though it isn’t a lot of weight, it can be a difficult goal to achieve if you don’t have the right strategy in place that includes eating right and exercising.
In addition to considering how you will achieve your goal; you might be wondering how long it will take for you to achieve it. Continue reading to learn more about what to expect when your weight loss goal is 15 pounds.

There’s a Safe Amount of Weight to Lose Per Week 

You might be tempted to try to lose the 15 pounds super fast, but there are consequences that should be considered. It isn’t a good idea to lose too much weight too quickly. In fact, according to Insider, slimming down too fast can result in many problems, such as the following:

  • Malnutrition
  • Fatigue
  • Dehydration
  • A slower metabolism
  • Loss of muscle
  • Gallstones
  • Digestive problems

How Much Weight Should You Lose Per Week? 

Now that you know about the negative effects that can come with losing too much weight too quickly, you are likely wondering what a safe amount of weight loss would be. Well, it’s simple: experts recommend that you only lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. Yep, that’s it! 

How Long Will It Take to Achieve 15 Pounds of Weight Loss? 

Shedding just a pound or two per week might not seem like much at all, but it will add up. If you follow this protocol, you will end up shedding 15 pounds in about 7.5 to 15 weeks. That’s around two to four months.

How Can You Achieve Weight Loss of 15 Pounds? 

You don’t have to go to extremes to achieve your slim-down goals. Slow and steady wins the race. Plus, if you stick with experts’ recommendations regarding how many pounds to shed per week, you can keep your energy level stable, you can begin establishing healthier lifestyle habits, and you can take note of how much better you feel because you are eating better and exercising more.

  • Focus on cutting calories.
  • Choose lean, natural ingredients to make more of your meals at home, rather than relying on takeout and eating at restaurants.
  • When it comes to exercise, try to do moderate intensity workouts a few days per week.

Bottom line: with the right strategy, you can focus on your efforts, and you’ll get amazing results before you know it.