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The first thing you need to do in order to treat metabolic syndrome is to have a good look at your lifestyle habits and what they’re doing to your health. The reason is that this condition isn’t just a single disease or illness. Instead, it is a combination of several different risk factors that can produce a range of unwanted symptoms and that increase your chances of several other illnesses.

Can You Treat Metabolic Syndrome?

This syndrome is a combination of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, excess abdominal fat and unhealthy cholesterol levels. Therefore, the goal in being able to treat metabolic syndrome is to get to the root of those problems, overcoming each one.

Although your doctor may be able to prescribe certain medications in order to manage some of the metabolic syndrome symptoms – for example, you might be placed on cholesterol or blood pressure drugs – these only control the symptoms, not the cause. To treat metabolic syndrome itself, you have to tackle the causes in the first place. That happens with lifestyle changes.

Common Ways to Treat Metabolic Syndrome

Among those changes may include the following. Talk to your doctor before getting started:

Increase your activity level

Exercise is a fantastic way to target many metabolic syndrome symptoms at the same time. It can help you to reduce your weight, lower your blood pressure and improve both your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. If you’ve been pretty sedentary until now, gradually add a little bit of activity at a time, as is appropriate to your fitness level. Start walking more and keep track using a fitness tracker gadget and/or program.

Eat a nutritious diet

Your nutrition – including everything from vitamins and minerals to macronutrients, fiber and calories – is another powerful way to improve your blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and weight. In fact, even if your weight stays exactly the same, a more nutritious diet will help those other factors to improve. Many doctors recommend a DASH or Mediterranean style diet for overcoming metabolic syndrome.

Quit smoking

This habit boosts your heart rate, blood pressure and causes other cardiovascular issues. Not only will quitting help to reduce metabolic syndrome symptoms, but it will also make it easier for you to take on other positive lifestyle habits such as exercise.

Manage your weight

If you are overweight or obese, start working on bringing your BMI back into a normal, healthy zone. This will naturally reduce your other symptoms and help you to get past metabolic syndrome. If you need assistance with this effort, consider a pill such as Phentramin-D to help you to reach your goal.