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Side Effects Associated with Caffeine Diet PillsBefore you start to take even the best diet pills, it’s a good idea to learn the potential side effects associated with caffeine if that is one of the ingredients in its formula. Stimulants are very common ingredients in weight management products due to the large number of potential benefits associated with their use.
Among stimulants, caffeine is likely the most common. It is found in many foods and beverages that we consume every day. This includes products such as coffee, tea, some sodas, and even chocolate. That said, there are some side effects associated with caffeine that can affect certain people with sensitivities to stimulants.
It’s important to note that some people don’t experience any side effects associated with caffeine when they keep their consumption within reason. However, it is still possible for very large doses to affect those individuals as well. For that reason, it’s recommended that people pay attention to the amount of caffeine in every serving of the supplements and to follow the usage directions very carefully.
Caffeine is considered to be safe for healthy adults even when taken regularly, assuming it is not taken in very high amounts many days in a row. After all, there are people who drink several cups of coffee every day for their entire adult lives.
However for people with stimulant sensitivities, there are certain side effect risks that could occur. These include:
• Insomnia (if taken too close to bedtime)
• Nervousness and/or restlessness
• Nausea and vomiting
• Stomach irritation and upset
• Increased respiration and heart rate
Very high doses can also lead to side effects such as agitation, headache, chest pain and ringing in the ears.
These side effects are typically quite temporary. That said, they can still be uncomfortable for the individual, depending on their severity. Anyone who isn’t sure of their level of tolerance should begin the use of a pill with caffeine by first using the very lowest recommended.
Potential side effects of caffeine can be avoided by either ceasing the use of the diet pills or by starting with a very low dose and increasing it gradually. This allows the body enough time to adapt to the amount of caffeine and to build a bit of a tolerance to it that will reduce or eliminate the unwanted side effects. These pills should not be taken within five hours of bedtime in order to reduce the chance of sleep struggles.