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Prescription Fastin was basically Phentermine Hydrochloride. But, today, you can get over the counter Fastin. How does it compare to the prescription diet drug? Is it worth giving it a try? After all, prescription Fastin, or Phentermine, would work by suppressing your appetite, so you could lose more weight by eating less, and more easily control your portions without feeling hungry all the time.

When it comes to over the counter Fastin, you might be wondering how it works. Continue reading to learn more about this product. Just remember that, with the help of your doctor, you can make the best decision for your weight loss journey, particularly when it comes to choosing the right diet pill—prescription or not.

What Can Over the Counter Fastin Do?

Over the counter Fastin is a thermogenic intensifier. This means that it can boost your metabolism to help you shed those extra pounds with greater ease. On top of that, it also promotes the body’s ability to burn fat that has already been stored. And, it boosts the release of dopamine and norepinephrine to further support your efforts to slim down.

So, put simply, Fastin is an over the counter diet pill that can increase your metabolic rate, boost your body’s fat burning ability, and give you additional energy without jitteriness, so that you can be more active and burn even more calories throughout the day. Sounds pretty great, right?

But, unlike the prescription diet drug, this over the counter version of Fastin does not suppress your appetite. So, even though it can help your body burn through the calories and fat that you do consume, it is up to you to reduce your daily calorie intake. It’s also on you to control your portions, and to reduce your intake of unhealthy foods, while increasing your intake of healthy options, in order to lose weight. Without the right eating plan in place, Fastin will only take you so far on your weight loss journey before you hit that dreaded plateau.

Is It Worth Trying?

Over the counter Fastin might be worth trying if you think that it can help you lose weight, but you should consult with your physician first to really determine if it would be appropriate for you. And, if it isn’t, rest assured that there are many other diet pills that you can purchase over the counter as well.