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Medically Supervised Weight LossPeople who struggle with weight loss have to rely on a medically supervised weight loss program to achieve the results they want. An efficient medically supervised weight loss program closely monitors the following:

  • Heart Rate
  • Sugar Levels
  • Blood Culture
  • Activity Levels
  • Medication Levels
  • Blood Pressure

Recent research has shown medically supervised weight loss programs have a high chance of leading to better weight loss as compared to unsupervised programs. Rigorous diets are generally agreed upon with a nutritionist and are low on calories, as per the doctor’s suggestions and recommendation.
Even though these medically supervised programs offer effective and high quality weight loss, they may not be meant for everyone. Individuals who are unable to make a serious commitment to the prescribed procedures and don’t realize what they have to go through during the weight loss program fail to execute this program successfully. For this reason, it is important to make careful consideration before you opt for a program.
Many people have shared negative experiences about medically supervised weight loss programs as they missed their favorite foods. If they have to consume more liquids, they miss chewing their food when they are provided with substitutes to high protein meals. On the other hand, some people are happy with this phase as they realize it is a temporary stage and it will bring out a positive result in the end.
For many people, the initial hunger pangs can be too much to bear. However, if patients continue to follow the nutrition prescription, the never-ending hunger will subside in a couple of days as the body goes into a mild state of ketosis. Patients may also find the supplements to be too expensive. It is important to remember that these supplements serve as food replacements. Therefore, your grocery bills are bound to decrease over time since you are not buying food to stay full but with efficient supplements.
For anyone who hopes to lose weight through a medically supervised program, it is suggested you do some homework before you sign up. Some online research with a discussion with someone who has previously gone through such programs will help you learn what these programs are all about.
You can also discuss details with the doctor who has designed the program to check the elements involved in the program. A medically supervised weight loss program is guaranteed to bring positive results in a small period of time.