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Kim K Weight Loss KardashianKim Kardashian is known for her incredible figure, but is Kim K weight loss something that you can achieve, or is it something that only someone with a lot of money and celebrity status can achieve? Continue reading to learn a bit about Kim K weight loss strategies so you can get the answer to this question.

Kim K Weight Loss Tips That Are Good for You 

According to Women’s Health, Kim K weight loss isn’t all about going to extremes. Here are some of the strategies that she uses to maintain her weight:

  • Keeping stress levels down as much as possible
  • Drinking sea moss smoothies
  • Eating plant-based as much as possible
  • Indulging in a favorite treat every now and then to maintain moderation
  • Exercising consistently with a trainer
  • Working out six days a week

Kim Used the Atkins Diet to Shed Pounds 

Another thing to consider is that Kim K used the Atkins 40 plan to lose a whopping 70 pounds. This plan involves eating 40 grams of carbohydrates daily, and this diet focuses on the foods you can and can’t eat, as well as on portion control.
Kim says that she followed this plan in a strict way to ensure she would get the results that she wanted from it. And she also ate often throughout the day, as doing so can help you avoid feeling hunger that can then lead to unhealthy food choices. As an example, Kim would eat egg whites for breakfast, yogurt or hummus with vegetables for a snack, salad for lunch, and chicken for dinner while following this eating plan.

Find Your Ideal Way to Lose Weight 

Kim K uses some intense workout routines and eating plans in order to slim down, and to keep the weight off. But those extreme measures are not right for everyone. Many people, for example, don’t have the time to get to the gym for an hour-long workout six days a week, and they also don’t have chefs preparing their meals for them like Kim K does. So, even though you can check out what she did to slim down, it’s best to create your own plan that perhaps integrates some of her strategies while making it possible for you to stick to the plan with ease. That way, you can get great results without shocking your system, and you can establish healthy habits that you can sustain for long-term results.