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Geranamine, also known as , comes from oils extracted from geranium flowers.

Geranamine, also known as dimethylpentylamine, comes from oils extracted from geranium flowers and helps to promote weight loss.

Produced by the geranium flower, dimethylpentylamine, also known as Geranamine, is now being combined with caffeine in order to assist people rather effectively in their efforts to lose weight. This chemical is actually quite different from the way we typically think about artificially produced substances, since it is not exactly man-made to the fullest extent. It is produced by turning the flowers of the geranium plant into an oil-like compound. Some of the parts of that substance are isolated and drawn out and the result is Geranamine. Because it is actually naturally sourced and cannot be completely created by artificial means, it cannot be considered to be a completely artificial product.
When the product was first being produced, it had a descriptive name instead of that being used today. Originally, its name Geranamine was used to describe the substance based on the plant from which it came. However, it was later required to adopt a name that accurately describes its chemical composition, dimethylpentylamine, which is a name that follows the guidelines of IUPAC. That being said, the substance is recognized by both names, even today. It is not uncommon for IUPAC to require that a manufacturer change the name of its products, so there are many products on the market today that are known by their current official names and their original no-longer-official names.
Geranamine had initially been developed to be used as both a nutritional supplement as well as being a form of decongestant back in the 40’s and 50’s. It received a patent as a nutritional substance and has, since that time, been used as an ingredient within various nutritional products. Primarily, this includes weight loss drugs such as Phentramin-D, as it has been found to stimulate weight loss.
With its own abilities to promote weight loss, Geranamine combines very well with caffeine to help people to achieve their goal weight. This is because caffeine helps to keep energy levels high, making increased activity possible. After all, when people reduce their caloric intake, their two main complaints are that they are hungry and tired. Geranamine helps to suppress appetite and increase metabolism while caffeine manages fatigue. It is also believed that caffeine helps to amplify the affects of certain drugs, like Geranamine, making it even more effective. Therefore, people taking these two substances together in Phentramin-D diet pills can build the habits of eating less than they used to and increasing their daily exercise to lose weight and then keep it off once it’s gone.