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Top Body-Weight Exercises

Planking is one of the best body-weight exercises you can do and it’s surprisingly simple.

The importance of body-weight training cannot be emphasized enough. The benefits of these exercises are numerous. It improves both relative and reactive strength and can increase movement. Consistency plays a vital role in toning up a body. You take one day off and that becomes a week and can lead to a month, after which your mid-section starts bulging. Here are some of the top body-weight exercises that will help you maintain and build muscle quickly and conveniently. These exercises can be done in a program or entirely on your own:
1. Pushups
Pushups are essential for sculpting a big chest, capped delts and perfect triceps. Once you learn this body-weight exercise, you can enjoy the same benefits as bench-press, but in a safer way. You can perform a diamond pushup or feet elevated push. A one-armed pushup or handstand pushup. The choice is completely yours. Adjust your pushups according to the areas you want to target.
2. Pull-Ups
Pull-ups are of two types: chin-ups and pull-ups. Both these types of pull-ups help you maintain strong arm and back muscles. While doing chin-ups, there is great force exerted on your biceps and your palms are facing towards you. In pull-ups, the palms are opposite from you and there is less pressure on the biceps. Chin-ups are more recommended than pull-ups as they reduce the risk of injury in the long run
3. Squats
Squats are difficult and some people may take time to learn them, but they help increase balance and coordination. People may have the strength to carry out squats, but you need time and practice to develop the flexibility to perform them safely. You can start by practicing the split squat. The split squat is performed by raising one foot behind you and employing your other leg to lunge down. You can achieve the perfect balance by carrying out at least 20 reps daily.
4. Planks
A plank determines fitness level in individuals. It requires excellent coordination and incredible endurance of the lower back, shoulders and neck. Planks are an essential body-weight exercise if you want to build six-pack abs. The planks emphasize on your core and involve all the muscle groups when you exercise. It strengthens your chest and helps you stay strong from head to toes.
5. Burpee
A typical burpee involves jumping in a squat position and dropping into a pushup position. This elevates your heart rate and tightens your hamstrings because you need to raise your body as much as possible. The pulling up the knees in a tucked position actually strengthens your core.
So, if you want to perform body-weight exercises, the 5 best options are described above.