How Birth Control Pills Affect Weight

Apparently, there has never been enough convincing evidence to show that birth control pills have an effect on weight. Recently conducted research has found little proof of weight gain among users of progestin-only pills. Likewise, a similar investigation from 2008 also failed to establish any evidence that birth control pills affect weight. However, a number…

Secondhand Smoke Exposure May Cause Weight Gain

One of the countless explanations smokers give for not quitting smoking is that they dread they might put on extra weight, as smoking plays its part in keeping them slim. However, the latest investigations confront their conviction by proposing that being exposed to cigarette smoke, in reality, causes weight gain and that secondhand smoke augments…

Have You Lost Control Over Weight?

If you have been gaining weight over the last few months or years, or if you have been yo-yoing between weight loss and weight gain, then you may have lost control over weight. This can be very difficult on your overall health and can increase your risk of certain serious health conditions such as type…

Weight Loss Using Hormone Balancing Therapy

Weight loss using hormone balancing therapy is still being researched, but results so far suggest that it may not be an effective method for people to lose weight. Although hormones can affect metabolism, energy and mood, the overall amount that they contribute to body weight is still not fully understood, but is suspected be rather minor when compared to poor diet and a lack of exercise.

Weight Loss For Women

You may have heard that women have a harder time losing weight than their male counterparts. Though this is not always the case, there could be something to this. Find out what makes weight loss for women different than for men.