Have You Lost Control Over Weight?

If you have been gaining weight over the last few months or years, or if you have been yo-yoing between weight loss and weight gain, then you may have lost control over weight. This can be very difficult on your overall health and can increase your risk of certain serious health conditions such as type…

Iron and Weight Loss

Iron levels are very essential to people who intend to loss weight. This because those people who use fad diets, single food diets, weight loss pills and regular fasting may be having low levels of iron and the deficiencies in valuable minerals and vitamins, making it difficult for them to sustain weight for a long time or else to lose it.

Weight Loss Using Hormone Balancing Therapy

Weight loss using hormone balancing therapy is still being researched, but results so far suggest that it may not be an effective method for people to lose weight. Although hormones can affect metabolism, energy and mood, the overall amount that they contribute to body weight is still not fully understood, but is suspected be rather minor when compared to poor diet and a lack of exercise.