Plus Size Steps to Weight Loss

Key Steps to Weight Loss for Plus Sized Women

When you’re a plus sized woman, not all the steps to weight loss that are recommended to your slimmer counterparts are practical or realistic for your own strategy. This can be very difficult on your motivation, your self-image and your confidence but please take comfort in knowing that it doesn’t need to be that way.…

How Birth Control Pills Affect Weight

Apparently, there has never been enough convincing evidence to show that birth control pills have an effect on weight. Recently conducted research has found little proof of weight gain among users of progestin-only pills. Likewise, a similar investigation from 2008 also failed to establish any evidence that birth control pills affect weight. However, a number…

Weight Loss Using Hormone Balancing Therapy

Weight loss using hormone balancing therapy is still being researched, but results so far suggest that it may not be an effective method for people to lose weight. Although hormones can affect metabolism, energy and mood, the overall amount that they contribute to body weight is still not fully understood, but is suspected be rather minor when compared to poor diet and a lack of exercise.