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Many dieters are curious about the weight loss dieting benefits of taking Phentramin-D, such as how much energy they can expect to gain, how much their added focus will make a difference to their dieting and even how they will benefit from an enhanced metabolism. They also want to know if there are any unwanted side effects and what it actually feels like when you’re taking these pills. For this reason, has set up this discussion board for people to ask questions and give answers about their own use of Phentramin-D with their weight loss strategy.

This Phentramin-D discussion board is for people who have questions, opinions or feedback about losing weight with Phentramin-D. We encourage all Phentramin-D users to use this discussion board to share their own Phentramin-D weight loss dieting stories, including how much weight was lost (or gained), what diet they followed, what kind of exercise program was followed, etc.

The information shared and opinions expressed in this discussion board are not verified for accuracy and should not be used as a substitution for guidance provided by your doctor or for the “Directions for use” provided by the manufacturer.

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  1. Sarah

    Phentramin d work great, its not as strong as phentermine but it has helped me lose about 14 pounds this month, without any major side effects that I can speak of. Two more months to go but I think I can do this (:

    • Kassandra

      Hi Sarah
      I just placed an order for a 3 month supply and want to lose the same amount as you. I hope I get the results you have…will let you know after my first month

      • holly_brinker

        Hi there,
        I was about 40 pounds overweight before starting Phentramin d. I tried reducing my food intake and increasing my exercise which just kept me from gaining more weight but not really losing any. I started Phentramin d with the same amount of diet and exercise in Feb. Within 5 months I had lost 27 lbs. My weight loss seems to have hit a plateau since then but I have maintained the same weight for the last couple months. I am quite happy with the results. I really do think Phentramin d gave me the edge I needed to get the extra pounds off.

    • KristinA

      I am on month one also and I feel great! I have not weighed myself yet but the clothes are definately looser and the energy I have now is wonderful. I actually feel like doing things like going for a walk. I am not looking for a miracle pill, but even if I loose a few pounds a month that is a big step for me in the right direction.

    • Nikki

      That is GREAT!!! I just ordered the product today and hope to have success on my journey too!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Vashti

      See I think it is just as strong as phentermine. For me, I have zero appetite on both drugs, maybe you are just less jittery on phenD so you feel like it’s not as strong?

    • astrid

      It can work just as well as phentermine only the side effects are not nearly as bad.

      • SashaB.

        I couldn’t handle Phentermine/adipex. I just felt off my rocker. My friend on the other hand loves it so it just depends as it effects everyone differently. You might be one of the lucky people who have no side effects. PhentraminD on the other hand I find a lot easier to take even tho I would rather be on the prescription stuff.

    • Eva Bugarin

      I took Phentermine before with prescription . Whatโ€™s the difference between the two of them I lost 90 pounds but Iโ€™m starting to gain weight back again I need to do something I have three months to lose 25 lb I tried the keto diet it does not work I love my phentermine but the doctor wonโ€™t give me again. But if this is like it well then I need it ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿค—

  2. Tina

    I know that a lot of peeps come back to these forums to complain about diet pills they bought and how they didn’t work. I am one of those people! But finally I can say something positve in one of these forums. Phentramin-d really does work (down 10 pounds this month already). They WILL help you lose weight ~ T

  3. Mary Ann

    I am desperately trying to loose some weight. I tried using meridia a few years back and I did lose a few pounds but the drug was very expensive. I have also tried using xenical but the side effects were so horrible and gross that I stopped using that one too. I am wondering do you need an XR for Phentramin-d? Also how does it work? Any insight is appreciated.

    • steve

      No you don’t need a prescription for phentramin-d. It works as an appetite suppressant and also boosts your metabolism. When you take phentramin-d it initiates similar biological responses as the bodyโ€™s own norepinephrine. Norepinephrine induces glucose to be released from the storage and convinces the mind that the body is not hungry.

      I find I still eat, but it takes away that “bottom-less pit” feeling where normally I could keep eating and eating. You basically will satisfied and full with a lot less food.

    • Sarah

      Mi Mary Ann,
      I don’t feel any side effects on phentramin-d as of yet- I totally know how you feel about those fat binders though and the oh so lovely “side effects.” I would say Phentramin-d is a better choice because you seemly are not eating as much where as the xenical you will still go about eating your normal amount which is the problem in the first place. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Mary Ann

        Thanks for the responses, this website is a great support service. I have been reading a lot of other reviews and most sound really positive with a good success ratio, sooooo I ordered my first bottle today. Looking forward to starting my own program and hopefully I too am successful with my weight loss.

    • Mary Ann

      Just wanted to check back in and report that I did order PhentraminD and have been on it for about 2 weeks. So far I have lost nine pounds which I am very pleased with. All the reviews here ring true for me- I have little appetite, I am eating much smaller meals & more often, I do have a the dry mouth but it’s not too bad and I also have the increased energy! I must say the weight loss has really given me a really good kick start and motivation to keep going. I haven’t felt this good in a while so thanks everyone!

  4. lauralee

    Hey I have been taking phentramin-d for a few weeks now and have lost several pounds! The only problem is I don’t even want to look at food. I have to force myself to eat sometimes. Does anyone else have this issue? I want to make sure I get enough calories in so that I stay healthy while I am loosing weight.

    • steve

      Eat smaller meals more often through-out the day. Don’t overface yourself with 3 large meals/day. I make sure to have a piece of fruit, slice of cheese, low fat yogurt or a granola bar every 3 hrs to keep my metabolism going and give my body fuel during the day. If you don’t eat, your body will go into starvation mode. Make an effort to plan your snacks/meals the day before. I find it’s easier to eat (and eat something healthy) if I have it ready in my bag where I can just grab it without doing any prep.

      • lauralee

        Thanks so much for your reply- I am trying to eat more small meals more often. Still having to force myself to eat regularly but it’s not so bad any more. I have things like lettuce/salad and chicken breast for my meals and a cut up fruit for a snack. The weight loss is significant.

    • Rashida D

      Yes…I had the same feeling in the beginning. The thought of food made me sick and I had to force myself to eat. Even if you just sip on a smoothie or munch on some grapes…just make sure you eat something. Afterwhile that feeling should go away.

    • Andy Seymour

      Yes I have this same issue and it’s a problem I love having. I get most of my calories in shake form now. Somehow I find it’s easier to drink then to eat so I drink the bulk of my day’s calories.

  5. blooming_dawn

    My doctor had me on phentermine but I found I was really jittery and I couldn’t sleep. I switched to phentraminD and I feel much better and I am still loosing weight so hopefully it won’t wear off anytime soon.

  6. 2BeSlim_99

    I was EXTREMELY skeptical of trying yet another diet pill. I have been on phentermine-d for 3 months and lost 25 lbs! I did this without exercising hardly at all so I can only imagine what would happen if I worked out regularly. I am currently taking a month off and so far none of the weight has come back. I still have a good 25 more pounds to loose so I just ordered another batch and am hoping for similar results again.

  7. Jocelyn Russel

    phentramin-D worked great for me,i took it after i had my first child he was 1 year old and i still had extra weight well i lost 35 lbs on phentramin-D and was very happy. The price was a bit expensive but i only needed one bottle for my weight loss.

  8. SoHappy

    I started to take phentramin-d 2 weeks before Christmas 2010. During my first two weeks I lost 16.5lbs. The following two weeks I lost another 2lbs. I went from a size 16 to a size 12 in less than 2 months. I feel wonderful and the new found energy is great. However exercise and proper diet is really the key, and you need to continue doing so even once you are off. It feels wonderful, I can wear a bathing suit again without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. I started at 174lbs and am now at 151lbs. I recommend this to anyone who is serious about getting into shape and becoming healthy again.

  9. D_Chapman

    I used phentramin-d before when I weighed 265lbs. I went off of this diet pill because it was a bit pricey but I weighed 190lbs after three months. This pill really works, but you have to at least eat less and try to be more active, that’s all I did. Plus I think when your weight is up over the 200’s its easier to get the excess weight off. This stuff is expensive but it is worth it.

    • 2BeSlim_99

      I don’t think it is as costly as prescription diet pills though.

      • maria

        The way I look at it is that by ordering phentramin D I am actually SAVING MONEY because I am eating so much less that I am spending a a lot less on food overall. Just the savings in junk food alone has made it worth it for me. If you are concerned about the cost of the pills, just think how expensive food is.

        • Andy Seymour

          Yes it totally cuts down on the grocery bill and the eating out bill! I was probably spending $500 extra per month on eating out. Now I still go out once in a while with friends, but I don’t order half the menu.

  10. Adam

    I have to say at first phentramin-d made me very hyper & kind of spacey. Now that I am a bit used to it I feel more normal. I find that I don’t feel the need to snack between meals. I also do not find myself as hungry during the day. So far, Iโ€™m happy with this pill. I havenโ€™t had any “scary” side affects and hopefully wonโ€™t.
    I have lost 6 lbs in 10 days (of course I have an awful lot of weight to lose & was eating so much before) but, this medicine is amazing because for once food does not rule my life. I feel normal again. I get hungry. I eat. Then move on with my life. I don’t know how this medicine works but just glad it does!

  11. BTarnstall

    How often do you have to take it? I.e. what is the dosage?

    • Steve_00

      It’s really easy: take one pill 2 times per day. The first one in the morning and the second one in the early afternoon. Just make sure you take it with a big glass of water.

      • BTarnstall

        Ok perfect thanks so it’s not like you have to take 2 pills 3x per day or something. I am horrible at taking pills so just want to make sure it’s easy. Thanks again.

        • erin

          what happens if you forget to take a pill? can you take two at once?

          • losing and happy!

            No I would NOT take two at once. You will be wired! lol. Just take the next dose at your regular time and go from there. No harm in missing a dose.

      • Jeff Lewis

        Also make sure you take the morning dosage about 20 minutes before breakfast and the afternoon dosage about 20 minutes before lunch. It works better on an empty stomach.

  12. Jenny Beth

    Just wanted to leave a note and say I have noticed a change in my appetite in the past week since taking phentramin-d. I eat smaller amounts and am satisfied. I do notice the dry mouth so I keep water with me. Lets see what happens in one month!

  13. Owen Lucas

    I ordered PhentraminD last month and started taking it about 3 weeks ago. In the first week I lost 6.5 lbs BUT, I 100% cut out all Carbs, i.e. rice, chips, BREAD, fries, potatoes. It really helped get me in the right frame of mind to eat better. Yes it does work if you are dedicated and determined. SIDE EFFECTS: weird taste in mouth (my friend who is also on it does not have this though so maybe it’s just me). Dry mouth (I can live with this, just drink more water.) I don’t know how good these pills are for me in general, so I am going to put them on hold for a bit and then start taking them again in a few weeks. I think giving myself a break and trying to see if I can keep the diet on my own will help in the long run and of course when I have stop taking them eventually. Recommended? YES

  14. Dan

    Hi Everyone, I weigh 293 right now and a few months ago I was up over 300 lbs. I am super tall so that helps me not look quite so obese, but I still look big (fat). I really want to loose about 80 lbs and get back to the weight I was two years ago (210 lbs). (I looked skinny then) because in 3 months I am meeting my ex girlfriend and I really don’t wanna be the “OMG he got SO FAT” guy but I have over 80 pounds to lose and from now to then it seems impossible, to lose even 50 pounds would be awesome but still I am still super sad. I am wondering if this pill (phentramin D) could be my answer… If anyone has any info for me or thinks it might help me please let me know.

    • D_Chapman

      I think you should definately give PhenterminD a try. I lost about 70lbs in 3 months. BUT, I did get more active and I DID really try to eat better. I am sure it can work for you. You have nothing to loose. I would say you could loose 50 lbs in 3 months without doing too much extra, just simply eating less…

      • Amy

        Can you tell me where you purchased yours from?

      • Amy

        Hi D_chap,
        can you tell me where you purchased your Phen D from ?

  15. kim

    Hey everyone….

    Just a quick question, does anyone know if this product can be shipped to Australia and get through customs?? I’ve tried buy tablets to help me before and got stopped through customs as the ingredients are illegal here.

    Please help need that little bit of help.

    • steve

      Hi Kim, Not too sure about shipping to Australia as I am in the US. I do know that phentraminD is developed in an FDA-Approved lab in the US, and that Phentramin-d is safe and legal to buy online. PHENTERMINE on the other hand is illegal in some countries but they are two very separate products. Phentramine is prescription where PhentraminD is NOT prescription. Phentermine is chemically similar to amphetamines and can cause harsh side effects and potential addiction. Many doctors have switched their patients over to non-prescription Phentramin-d. Phentramin-d does not have the same chemical similarity to amphetamines, making it safe to use and you don’t have to be under supervision. If you browse this website I bet there is a phone # or email address where you can ask ๐Ÿ™‚

    • rayme

      I think they do ship to Australia. When you are filling out your information, and it asks for “country” just choose Australia in the drop down…

    • admin

      kim – Phentramin-d cannot be shipped to Australia. Sorry for the confusion.

  16. Rich

    How long does it take before it starts working?

    • Steve_00

      Hi Rich, you will probably feel more energetic and less hungry within an 45 minutes to one hour of taking a dose. It works VERY quickly.

    • scottymchpee

      I feel it kicking in after 20 minutes of taking it. You get this “satisfied” feeling in your stomach and don’t feel the need to put any food in it. You actually feel put off by the thought of food. It gives you great energy too. I find it’s well worth the money.

    • losing and happy!

      1/2 hr after taking the pill you feel it kick in, and it really kicks in!

  17. shelly

    I am thinking of trying phentramin-d and I only have about 20lbs to lose but I am wondering- what if i forget to eat while taking it?? That can’t be good?

    • Steve_00

      No, not eating at all is not good and some people do actually say that because phentraminD makes you lose that feeling of “hunger,” that at times they did forget to eat when they were on it. You HAVE to remember to eat and eat HEALTHY foods while taking it. Also having 4-5 smaller meals per day is easier to do then three large meals. Also keep a lot of small, healthy snacks on hand as this will help keep up metabolism as well. The secret is eat little and often and don’t force yourself to eat large meals all at once.

    • missy richmond

      You won’t forget to eat, you just won’t feel like eating.

  18. Ally

    Is this a fat blocker???

    • Steve_00

      No it is not a fat blocker. Phentramin-d is designed to suppress appetite and increase your metabolism therefor it increases fat burning.

    • kendra best

      30 lbs in one month? That is incredible. Sorry and ignore me if this is too personal but were you quite overweight to start? Did you do much exercising at all? Thanks in advance~

    • s_78_jc

      No phentraminD is not a fat blocker- you will not be messing your underpants like you will on those drugs that prevent your stomach from absorbing all the fat. Phentramin is a much nicer way to lose weight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Licia

    I placed my order Friday 9/9 so as it arrives I’m taking a dose…I have tried phentermine in the past a few times and always have great results once 30lbs in 1mnth so I’m sure I’ll do great w/ phen-d ..!! I’m ready to get these 65lbs off for good this time.

  20. Licia

    I placed my order Friday 9/9 soon as it arrives I’m taking a dose…I have tried phentermine in the past a few times and always have great results once 30lbs in 1mnth so I’m sure I’ll do great w/ phen-d ..!! I’m ready to get these 65lbs off for good this time.

  21. Amy

    Hi everyone,
    loved reading everyone’s responses and would like to purchase Phen D can you tell me where you all are buying it from?
    I was on Phentermine for a few months but dr wont prescribe it to anyone anymore, looking for the next best alternative.
    thank you

  22. Amy

    Thanks for the responses…order has been made! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Georgina

    How long do you normally have to take it for? Will I gain the weight back if I stop taking it?

    • 2BeSlim_99

      I stopped taking it for a month and none of the weight came back. Mind you I did continue to eat healthy. I did not do much working out. Just kept up decent eating habits.

      • alana27

        This is the key to having success with phentramin, you can’t go back to your old habits once you have lost the weight and stop taking the pills. You have to make a lifestyle change, and phentramin just helps you do it.

    • Vashti

      If you go back to eating the same way you did before, then you will gain the weight back. You have to take this time while on phenD to learn a whole new way of eating, and the phenD is just a helper along the way. Do not look at this as the miracle “I will never be fat again pill.” It gives you the help you need while you make some serious changes in your lifestyle. Eat sensibly, get regular exercise, don’t fall back into your old patters and you will be ok.

    • scottymchpee

      keep up with your good eating habits and the weight will not come back. I find if I start slacking off, I just go back on it for a couple weeks and then I get back on track.

    • jenny

      You can take it for as long as you need to. That is the beautiful part. Even if you take it for a while then just use it intermittantly to stay on top of things it’s no problem.

  24. Amy

    Hey everyone,
    Happy so far with my purchase, down 2.6lbs in a week. I have a question and wondered if anyone has tried this. The bottle says to take 20mins before breakfast and then 20mins before lunch. I find the am one works great but then when I take before lunch time, I find myself hungry at night and with the prescription Phentermine that did not happen at all. Has anyone tried to take the 2nd dose later then lunch time. I have tried it a few times so far and find that it curbs my hunger a lot better for the pm. Wondering how late is too late to take the 2nd dose.
    Thanks in advance to your feedback ๐Ÿ™‚

    • steve

      Yes if you are getting hungry at night you can take the second dose later in the day. Some people have trouble sleeping when they take the second dose too late, but if that’s not a problem for you then just take it at whatever time seems to work best for you. I know I often get more munchie at night, and taking the second dose later does help. If you do this, and you do have trouble falling asleep, then just take half your second dose.

    • lenny1985

      I had the same problem- by night time I was hungry so instead of taking the second dose before lunch, I took the second dose closer to dinner. I find I do most of my eating in the evening anyway so that’s when I need the most help. I can go though my day without much breakfast or lunch but by dinner I would pig out. And then I would eat infront of the TV after dinner as well. I slept just fine too, but I am one of those people who can sleep after cups of coffee. weird I know.

    • estepha

      Ok I too wondered about this as my problem is late night eating. Good to know I can take it later in the day. I am going to try that.

  25. Operator Dawn

    I just purchased Phentramin D yesterday, and the order is on it’s way. I was on the prescription stuff about 2 years ago and I did lose about 40lbs, but it took about a year (no exercising). It was hard to lose, even with the T4 the doctor had me on as well because I have an under active thyroid. Hopefully these reviews are legit, most of them sound honest. For the past 1.5 month, I’ve been eating okay, walking my treadmill and hoola hooping. I’ve only lost about 4 lbs even with the lowest dosage of Armour Thyroid my doctor has me on now….. Getting frustrated!!!
    Love says “I am everything”. Wisdom says “I am nothing”. Between the two, my life flows.

    • steve

      PhentraminD effects everyone a little bit differently but most people do report losing weight even after one week. The people who have the biggest losses seem to exercise regularly and really watch what they eat as well. It does help control your appetite, so you eat less but really the rest is up to you ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Janine Marie

    I received my shipment ten days ago and so far I have lost 5 pounds and my stomach feels much flatter. I don’t work out much because I simply do not have the time but I definitely “feel” more motivated to work out as I have a lot more energy. So far so good, I would recommend this to my friends. Good luck. Janine.

  27. Becz81j

    I have been taking phentraminD for 7 weeks now. I love it but the one thing I have is some stomach cramping, but I’m not sure if that is due to the med or stress in other areas in my life. Otherwise, I would say that I am quite happy. I’ve lost 18 lbs, but I didn’t start really dropping weight until the last 3 weeks. I’m not sure why, because I haven’t been doing anything differently?

  28. juliano32

    Does anyone know if it wears off after a while? Or does it keep it’s strength pretty well?

    • TracyS

      I think it’s more of a short term solution, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wears off after a while. I think most of them do…

    • ssmarielle

      If you feel it wearing off, then take a break for a couple months and then start back up again. It’s meant as more of a short term thing so take it for three month or four months, then take a break, then take it for another three months.

  29. TBell

    I have only ever taken it 3 months at a time, and it did not wear off after the three months. I suppose it could wear off if you stayed on it for months & months & months, but you should really use that time to learn how to eat better, portion control etc. I went to counselling and weight watchers while I was on it to get extra help so I could learn a whole new lifestyle. I would not just depend on the pills alone, but they do really help you eat a lot less.

  30. Misook Li

    Do you take the pills with or without food??

    • D_Chapman

      You should take it on an empty stomach so you get the full strength of the effect, or with very little food.

    • TracyS

      Ya don’t take it with a great big breakfast or anything. If you have to take it with some food, just do like a small piece of toast. You will feel it more on an emptier stomach and it’s likely to work better for you.

  31. Carlene

    I just got my order and so far I feel much less hungry but I am still eating. How do you know how much less you need to eat in order to lose weight? Does that make any sense??

    • annalese

      Ok, so in order to lose one pound per week you need to create a calorie deficit of 3500 calories per week. This breaks down to 500 calories per day. The easiest way to do it is to cut out 250 calories per day (this is where the phentraminD helps because you automatically won’t want to eat as much) and then burn off the other 250 with some sort of exercise. So if you are consuming 500 calories less per day (or are burning them off) then you are for sure losing weight.

      • Carlene

        Thanks for the info! ^^

        • annalese

          No problem.

  32. shan_on_the_go

    Is there a difference between phentraminD and phentramin?

    • Arait67

      I think Phentramin is the predecessor of Phentramine-D and I think the only difference is that the orginal is not quite as strong (or potent) as Phentramine-D. They both work the same way though, by fooling the brain to thinking you are full.

      • shan_on_the_go

        ok thanks I wasn’t sure what the deal was with that. I will go with phentramin D then.

      • Bermudez

        Yes Phentramin came first, and now they have made improvements to it and it’s called PhentraminD.


    I have been taking phentramin d for about 1 1/2 weeks…i have NOT lost any weight at all…PLEASE HELP ME,,,,

    • c.c.

      What are you eating? Even tho you are takin these pills you have to eat less calories and get some exercise if you want to lose weight. i take them and they get rid of my appetite so it is easy to eat less. then i exercise and lose weight like crazy.

      • LISA JONES

        I am exercising 4 times per week…i agree i have less of an appetite but i just dont seem to be losing anything…

        • sarah81j

          Are you eating foods with a lot of sodium? Even if you are eating fewer calories, foods that contain high amounts of sodium will make you retain water and make it much more difficult to lose weight. If you are putting a lot of salt on your food, stop. And if you are eating a lot of processed /packaged foods, switch to fresh fruits & veggies and fresh meats, low fat cheeses and yogurts…

        • Mary

          I am going to tell you a little secret- while exercise is a great way to become healthy and tone up the body, if you really want to lose weight, it’s all about what you put in your mouth. You can exercise all you want, but if you are still eating the same foods, you will not lose weight. Cut way back on the calories, you don’t even have to exercise (altho it does help), and you will see, you will lose weight. It’s all about what you eat (or don’t eat).

          • DawnB

            She’s right, you can go to the gym until you are blue in the face but if you are still eating the same stuff, you just won’t GAIN weight. Use the phentraminD to help curb your appetite and try and eat less. Make better food decisions: don’t eat much bread, pasta, rice or foods containing a lot of saturated fats. Eat as many veggies as you like though, just don’t cook them in butter.

        • DawnB

          how is it going now Lisa? Want to give us an update?

    • jenny

      Remember that while the pills CAN just work on their own, the idea is to use the pills in conjunction with a healthy DIET to help you see results more quickly and reach your goals faster. The two things work together, then if you are getting lots of exersize too the weight will really start flying off.

  34. REE REE

    Hello everyone,
    My son ordered me 3 bottles of phen-d and I started taking them on 11/5/11 and I have lost 9 lb to date. I think that they are great, I’ve been trying and trying to loose weight I started out at 247 I would lose down to 240 but could never get under 240. When I started taking phen-d I weighed in at 244, well………..I’m under 240 now ๐Ÿ™‚ I weighed myself this morning and I weigh 235. I can’t wait to see how much I can lose in a months time. I’ll keep in touch.

  35. KillerQh

    I have been taking prescription phentermine but I found that I was becoming addicted to the “high” I was getting off it even after the appetite suppressant qualities started to wear off and my weight began to plateau. I have since switched to PhentraminD and it definitely has kick started my weight loss again (down 12 lbs already) and somehow the effects are not as strong. We’ll see how this goes over the next few weeks. Keeping up good eating habits int the meantime.

  36. eqceptional

    so do you just take a tablet every time you feel hunger and then you are not hungry any more or how does it work?

    • amyhunter

      No, you take two pills a day at the same time each day. You take the first pill in the morning before breakfast and it kicks in about half an hr later. You will not feel hungry but you should still eat a healthy small breakfast and then a healthy snack. Take the next pill before lunch or in the afternoon. If you take it too close to night time you might have trouble sleeping.

  37. roselle stern

    Hi, my bf purchased phentramin d! It took 14 buss day to arrived in australia.
    My bf bought 3 bottles and i used the 1 bottle, so far we don’t know if this will works, it’s 2 days now were on this pill. My bf work night shift and yes he feel the effects of not getting tired.. He work from 11 pm-7 am and he manage to stay awAke till 6pm. Unlike before that after of his work he go sleep after 1 hour after work., and sleep amost 10 hours. He is 60 pounds overweight.
    And for me, i don’t know if it’s working for me, i still get hungry but when i ate a little i get full easy. Well ive been taking so many diet pils and diet teas and spend to much money for it. There was a pill from asia that it works for me, i tool 4 tabs 10 mins before lunch and 3 tabs before bed time. But its hard to maintain because it is so hard to buy for it. I paid $300 for 2 months supply. Actuall this phentramin d is not expensive for a diet pill for me.. Im really looking forward to it. I only need to lose 20-30 pounds. If this works for me then i don’t really mind the price. Heaps cheaper to all diet pills. Ive been in xenical aswell. The problem with me is that when i know i reached my goal of losing weight then i stop my diet pill then start eating sweets and big meals! I just love eating any food:( and im so lazy in doing exercise!

  38. roselle stern

    Hi sarah, Is it really more effective if you do exercise while your on this pill???and is ok to eat toast with butter for breakfast??? And eat lunch and skip the dinner??? I really want to lose weight as possible as it could. I want get fit this christmas. I have lots of party to attend and im not excited because of my weight! Pls help me and give me some advice. And what sort of food i can eat so i can lose weight quicker! Im so lazing of doing exercise. I even have a treadmil and weight in my other room but i coudn’t bother hopping on it. Im so depressed of my excess fats! I just want to lose 10-15 kgs. Abd i want to lose it in just a month. Is it possible???

    • sarah81j

      Yes it is more effective if you exercise. I find I use the energy I get from the pill to really go to town at the gym. It gives me the “high” I need to push myself that extra mile. In fact, I look forward to going to the gym now because it makes me more pumped up. As for butter with your toast, I would avoid butter but if you only use a very small amount and don’t eat more then one piece of bread per day then you are probably ok. In general, don’t eat more then one serving of carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, corn) per day. Honestly I stay away from that stuff all together it makes life easier. Do eat as many raw or steamed vegetables as you want. Eat no more then 3 fruits per day. Eat lean meats such as boneless, skinless chicken breast, turkey and fish. Grill it or bake it- don’t fry it. Stay away from all beverages other then water. If you have to drink soda, drink diet soda and keep it to a minimum. Stay away from alcohol. If you have to have a drink, drink wine and don’t have more then one glass.

      As for skipping the dinner I wouldn’t skip any meals, just eat very light and don’t eat carbs at night. If you are going to eat them, eat them during the day when you have some time to burn them off before going to bed.

      I don’t know how many pounds 10-15kg is but you can certainly lose 10-20 pounds in a month, possibly more. Just depends on how disciplined you are.

  39. Georgia

    Wondering if this stuff makes you feel spaced out at all? I did herbal magic several years ago and the supplements they gave me made my head feel like hell. Headaches, dizzy etc.. It was really hard to function in the beginning and I am wondering if this stuff is similar? Thanks in advance.

    • storm67

      No nothing like that- only extra energy, a bit of dry mouth (nothing major) You feel pretty good actually. For me it even got rid of some of my moodiness lol. Probably because I was losing weight and therefor feeling happier in general!

    • tbarstall

      hey I did herbal magic too years ago and i also had trouble with some of their supplements. I became quite irritable, aggressive, and thinking crazy thoughts and fixating on things that did not matter and hurt my friends feelings. I also had headache all the time. With phentramind, I only had a very slight headache in the beginning but after about 2 or 3 days it was gone. I like the energy, it almost feels like there is some anti depressant quality about it because I feel a lot better about life and myself in general. It’s completely different from Herbal Magic and NOT nearly as costly.

      • Georgia

        Thanks I may actually give this a try. My New Years resolution is to drop 25 lbs so maybe I can actually reach that goal this time lol.

        • erin

          Mine too. I really hope this stuff works!

  40. colleen berg

    How does this compare to hoodia? has anyone tried it? Is phentraminD better?

    • lilmiss

      Hoodia from what I hear is very scammy. A lot of products are out there that claim to be hoodia but it’s really only a certain part of the plant that helps you lose weight and unless you have a product that contains that part of the plant you are wasting your money… Phentramin D is a more consistent and engineered product and it’s all the same no matter where you buy it.

  41. shellyKim

    I have been dieting since Feb 2011 and I ordered phend and by May I was down 41 lbs. But then summer came and there were just too many bbq’s and outdoor events and parties so I kind of stopped trying and went off the pills. I basically maintained my weight loss but I did gain back 8 lbs. I have decided to order the pills again and finally lose this last 30-40lbs. Honestly, for me, I think the energy get is almost more of a plus then the weightloss. The only downside is if you don’t eat you feel a little loopy and I became constipated. But overall, I would recommend it. I’ll post about how it goes this time around too. ~Shelly

  42. tara0608

    Ok these sound awesome!!!!!! But will they make you fail a drug test????? Thank you!!!!!

    • Sam

      I do know that Phentermine will show up in a hair test, but I don’t know about PhentraminD. It depends on the type of test and when the last dose was taken in relation to the test.

    • laura

      I don’t know why it matters? It is not an illegal substance.

      • trevor

        How long do you have to be off of it so that it doen’t show up in your system?

        • Sam

          ok I just looked this up online and they say for Amphetamines (phentermine)that it takes 2-4 days.

          • trevor

            ok thanks for that

  43. Justine Marieee

    i jus ordered my pills yesterday,,,i rly hope they work.
    I need to lose the extra poundss

  44. damian

    Hello guys i just order de pills online and i hope they do work,i used to taik adipex and they work but i cant sleep with them ,i hope this is the right one thx.

    • Linda

      Yes they do work and if you have trouble sleeping only take half the dose or take the second dose earlier on in the day. Do not take it close to evening…

  45. Jada

    I am wondering for those who have tried PhentraminD or Phentermine
    can you please tell me how they worked for you? When you noticed a change? What the results were? Side effects? And any other part of your story with using this medication.

    • nayla_Charboneau

      Go for phentraminD as you do not need a prescription. You DO need one for phentermine. I lost 27 lbs on phentramind. Virtually no appetite and it gives you a lot of energy. I noticed a change in the way I felt almost right after taking it. I noticed a change in the way I looked after one week. My clothes fit better and my face looked less puffy. After a month I was down 2 dress sizes and feeling amazing. The side effects I had were that I was restless at night and a dry mouth. A small price to pay though for the weight loss. I plan to stay on it and lose another 10-15. This stuff is great!

      • corie

        How long can you take it for??

        • nayla_Charboneau

          I have been on it for over 3 months. I think you can take it as much as needed.

  46. creyes

    i work night shift, when is the best time to take this without being up during the day because thats when i sleep. also on my days off, do i have to take it at night too if thats what i do when i work?

    • dianne creech

      I would take it in the late afternoon and then again around 11 pm or so. As for your days off, no take it at normal times on your days off.

  47. heather robertson

    If this takes away your appetite, how often should you eat during the day and can you still eat whatever you want?

    • missy richmond

      Eat SMALL little meals. I do 3 small meals per day and 2 snacks and this seems to work. Some people do 5 small meals. The idea is to keep your body fueled with healthy low cal, low fat, high in fiber foods.

  48. Terry

    I actually did not exercise at all and I lost 31 pounds in three months. It does work and I recommend it to anyone who asks me how I lost the weight.

  49. Shirley

    I was wondering if anyone who is menopausal has taken this? I have tried every diet known to man and can not lose. I also walk everyday. I would love to try these. I am so frustrated with the not being able to lose.

  50. dianne creech

    Not menopausal (yet;)) I would go to the doctor and get your thyroid checked. It could be under-active and that’s why you are finding it super hard to lose. It may not be that, but it does not hurt to check.

  51. the truth hurts

    To all those thinking of trying phentramin d, if I may make a suggestion: Try to change your whole lifestyle as well as the way you eat. Limit carbs and sugar, eat lean protien and lots of vegetables. Drink a lot of water. Do this, and when you get off of phentramind you will have the best chance of maintaining the weight loss on your own.

  52. aradcliff

    LOVE the energy and boost in mood. This is a good one to try if you are at the end of your rope. In my first eight weeks I lost 35 pounds. It’s no joke! Even if I don’t lose much more with it, it has been a great way to jump start my weight loss.

  53. Julie

    Can you take phentramin-d and Prozac together?

    • ARaggae

      Hey Julie, PhentraminD is non prescription, but I would definitely talk to your doctor about taking the two together. I would rather be safe and air on the side of caution before taking it.

    • meg sera

      Ya I don’t think it’s the best idea to mix ANY medications in general without discussing it first with your doctor…

    • christa

      It says on the bottle do not take with Anti-Depressants

      • meg sera

        Well there you go- read and you shall be enlightened.

    • Blessings

      Do not mix anti depressants with any other medication ever unless instructed to do so by a doctor.

  54. Maylee

    Wondering what is the best kind of food to eat while you are taking it so you get the best results? I am thinking you would probably lose a lot if you were on a hard core diet as well.

    • ARaggae

      Eat only vegetables, salads, lean meats like chicken breast, turkey and cold water fish. Bake or grill your food, do not fry it. Drink a lot of water, eat lots a fibrous foods. Limit your daily carb intake. Stay away from fast food and junk food and you will lose a tone of weight.

      • Maylee

        Thanks for your reply. I have made my order. I am very excited I really think I can do this!

    • ARaggae

      I should also add, don’t drink alcohol. One drink on a special occasion is not going to be a problem but if you drink regularly, nothing bloats you more and makes you retain water like booze. You may not actually weigh what the scale says you weigh, but if you drink a lot could be water and puffiness from alcohol. It is also very fattening as there are a lot of calories in alcohol.

    • kamela

      Stop eating junk food and never get take away! That stuff is loaded with fat, sodium, sugar and chemicals. Eat natural foods grown from the earth.

    • K. Schillington

      I eat a hard boiled egg and half a grapefruit for breakfast, a salad with some chicken or tuna on it for lunch, and usually another piece of chicken or fish (grilled) for dinner with some steamed carrots or broccoli. For snacks I have a cut up apple or a piece of cheese.

  55. coco

    I just got the Pd today.But i don’t know how to eat it .It’s said that i need to take it before breakfast ,but when i get up everyday ,it will be 12 pm. So do you think i can take it before the dinner?~~~

    • ARaggae

      coco, what time do you go to bed? I assume it’s pretty late if you are getting up at noon? If you go to bed late, then yes, you can take it before dinner. The only thing I would worry about is if you go to bed early and take it too close to bed time you might not be able to fall asleep…

    • darin

      Yes you can take it before dinner. For me I take it later as well to keep the nighttime munchies away.

    • Tiffany Meckling

      If you take it too close to bed time you will be up all night! take earlier in the day if possible.


    I want to say that this the 1st website that has great info wonderful sucess story my shipment is on the way and I will update you on my weight loss starting at 222 trying to lose 30 I will keep you updated.

    • ARaggae

      I think you will lose 30 lbs no problem, just remember to eat healthy while you are on the pills. (The pills will help take away your food cravings so it’s easier to eat healthy). That is how you get the best results. Good luck and looking forward to your updates!

    • gigi

      30 lbs for sure you can do it! I started at 175 and lost 40 in less then four months. If I can do it ANYONE can lol

  57. Shirley

    I have been on phentraminD for 2 weeks. I am down 2 lbs. Not much, but let me explain why. I get up at 6 a.m. I would take my first pill at 8 a.m. and then eat breakfast at 8:30 a.m. By 10:00 a.m. I could eat my arm I was so hungry. This went on for a week and a half. It wasn’t curbing my appetite at all. I was hungry all the time, but didn’t want to give up……….so, I did this the last several days and man what a difference. I started eating breakfast at 7 a.m., take a pill around 8 a.m. and at 10 I am still not hungry, but eat a pieace of fruit. At 12:30/1:00 eat lunch and take pill 30 min. after lunch. It has kept me fuller.

    So for me, I needed a semi full stomach for these pills to work. Now if I do get hungry a lt. yogurt or piece of fruit will satisfy me. Hoping now that I have this figured out I will start dropping the weight.

    • ARaggae

      Yeah everybody is made differently so the pills are going to effect everyone a bit differently. You may very well have to modify when/how to take the pills so it best works for you. I know for me, instead of taking the second pill at lunch, I take it around 3:30-4 and then it holds off the hunger a lot better into the evening. Otherwise if I take it too early I am hungry at night and that is a big binging time for me.

    • the truth hurts

      2 lbs is not a bad start. That is a very healthy rate at which you are losing. Just remember too, the slower you lose it the harder it is to come back.

      • ARaggae

        I agree 2 lbs is not bad. Keep going and you will probably start losing more and then those lbs will really add up.

    • ray

      The healthiest rate at which to lose weight is 1-2 pounds per week so you are right on target for that.

  58. christa

    I started taking 3/9/12 and as of this morning 3/13/12 for my weigh in I am down 5 lbs 6 oz.. I do have to force myself to eat because I am constantly thirsty that it fills me up. They really do take any cravings away, I noticed that big time. I have PCOS and anyone who knows what that entails knows its pretty much an uphill battle with weight & now add in a slight underactive Thyroid lol.. So this pill does indeed help greatly!!!!! The energy it gives is gradual and there is NO drop in the end.

    • the truth hurts

      almost 6 lbs in 4 days is incredible! must be a lot of water weight?

    • ray

      what is PCOS?? Sorry, just being nosy!

      • penny

        I think it’s Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? It’s a hormonal disorder. One of the treatments is to lose some weight if you are overweight…

  59. Trina

    So excited to start this journey I have already changed my eating habits as well as working out more I just need that extra push. I’m getting married the end of June and i’m hoping to go down 2 dress sizes. I feel like i have tried every diet there is, so many ppl have such great revoews on this im very excited to see some results for myself. I will be starting 3/22/12. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • the truth hurts

      Good job Trina. Changing your eating habits is honestly more then half the battle. If you can do this as well as get more exercise you are really setting yourself up for success. My sister also took phentraminD before her wedding and lost 25lbs so I know it really works. It really does help one stick to their diet. Good luck and I am sure you will look fantastic come your wedding day…

  60. Gina Faust

    I lost 55lbs! I finally feel happy again. Thank you so much phentramin D! For so long I was very depressed about my weight. I didn’t want to see anyone, go anywhere or do anything. My attitude and depression was affecting my marriage, so I knew I had to do something. A friend got me onto PhentraminD. Now my husband can finally be with the girl he married, in mind, body and soul.

  61. Bea

    My only complaint about Phentramin D is that I have trouble sleeping at night. I am buzzing when my head hits the pillow and not tired at all. I don’t like the lack of sleep but I am losing good weight tho. I am down 11 lbs in 9 days. amazing.

    • ray

      Just take it earlier in the day. That is an easy fix and happens a lot to those more sensitive to caffeine.

    • mecca

      or just take half the pill for your afternoon dose. ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. okanagan country :)

    I have been taking phentramin D for 4 months now and it’s working fantastic. I have lost 20KG and I count not be happier. Now comes the scary part of keeping it off. I will continue to go to my weekly weight watcher meetings for support and stay on their maintenance plan. Non of the girls at my meeting can believe how fast and consistent I am losing. I would tell them but they are all to uppity to try a diet pill so whatever, I am reaping the benefits.

  63. Charlotte

    Where is the best place to order phen-d? I don’t want to get fake pills.

    • the truth hurts

      Charlotte- I have shopped and shopped around. I find The best and most trustworthy website is this one: They are very professional/legit and the product is of high quality.

  64. hemplife

    I am on day 5 of eating no bread. I used to eat 4 or so slices per day so I thought this would be near impossible but honestly I don’t even miss the bread thanks to phentramin D! My diet is now chicken breast, lean ham, veggies, and non fat dairy products. Boring I know but it’s easy when you have NO FOOD CRAVINGS.

  65. alnsmu

    The secret is to drink A LOT of WATER!! Think 3 litres per day and if you are at least eating better you will lose weight. How much is up to you, but really the key is water.

    • jeffery

      I am drinking so much water I have to pee like every 5 minutes lol

  66. Tiffany Ross

    Phentramin D is literally saving my life. I am down 35 lbs in three months and you can really see the difference in my face and legs. More then that I can FEEL the difference. I am finally getting healthy. If you are overweight, I would recommend this. It really is a life saver.

  67. have-a-life

    Very happy to say I have lost 14 lbs in 2 weeks!!! I have never found anything like this before. It’s no wonder the celebrities can get so skinny. I am sure this is what they are taking.

  68. cassat

    Make sure you remember to eat something small frequently because you will experience no hunger for several hrs…

  69. meg

    I only lost one pound last week and then another 1.5 lbs this week. I feel like it’s coming off slow. Anyone else like this?

    • Tiffany Meckling

      Ya sometimes I have slow weeks or if I have been going out a lot and having drinks and stuff that slows down the weight loss.

    • horseymom

      Yes that happens to me too, but mostly on weeks that I have slip ups with my diet. For the most part Phen-D allows me to stay away from crap foods but there is the odd time that we’ll have people over or go out and I will indulge in something I shouldn’t i.e. ice cream, chips, chinese food etc and although one day is not going to kill your diet bad foods make you retain water so you won’t be losing much those weeks.

    • jeffery

      You are losing so it must be working. Keep at it. Stay away from fatty high cal foods and sodium as it makes you retain water and slows down weight loss. Drink a lot of water.

    • Blessings

      Don’t eat bread! Bread makes you gain weight and retain water. Not mention all the butter/fatty spreads that usually accompany bread.

  70. carson

    anyone know if you can mix phentramin D with coffee? I love my cofffe and don’t want to have to give it up!

    • Barb

      If you can be sensitive to caffeine then I would not mix the two. But, if you are used to having a lot of coffee every day then you will be fine to have a small amount. You might find you don’t even need the coffee because you will have so much energy from your morning dose of Phen D. If you have a coffee later in the morning it will be like a double whammy, but I would not take the pill and the coffee together at the same time.

    • Meghan P.W.

      Yes you can mix it it’s totally fine. If you have trouble with side effects then just drink de-caff or half caff.

  71. Marie

    I need to loose 20 lbs and considering buying Phen-d, but was wondering how much energy it gives you? I could really use the energy to motivate me and to take my mind of snacking. If it’s a good energy booster and appetite suppressant then I will buy it today! Any feed back on this?

    • Barb

      It gives you quite a lot of energy. You will find you actually WANT to workout because you get a bit restless just sitting around. Put some good music on your ipod and get ready to be pumped up!

  72. Marie

    Ok I just placed my order!! I’m excited but a little nervous too…hope this helps with energy (cause I need it!) & appetite suppressant as well. I’ll keep you all updated.

    • Barb

      Yes it will help with both of those things. Just watch you don’t take it too close to bed time or you may not be able to sleep.

  73. Marie

    Just received my Phen-D and took it 30 min. ago, hope this works! From what I read on here it takes about 45 min to kick in & feel the affects of no appetite & energy boost. Wish me luck!!

  74. Marie

    It’s been 3 hours since my 1st dose of Phen-D and I have to say i’m not 100% satisfied. As for the appetite I’m not really hungry like normal but I feel like I could still eat some, snacking, lunches, etc. When I did try taking a bite of food i did notice that it broke down very slowly almost like it took a lot out of me to chew it up & swallow. As for the energy it helped little but not much, not like everyone is talking about on here. I did take it 2 hours after breakfast tho…so not sure if it has to be on a empty stomach for it to work better. I felt a little spacey for the 1st few hours & then I grabbed a cup of coffee and I feel fine now. Guess I was expecting more of an appetite suppressant & lift in energy w/ clear head. Still going to give it another week & see how it goes. Any other people have this experience at all?

    • Swirls

      Omg. I just finished my second day and while it was a little better than my first day it’s not as much surprises ant or energy like I expected. I’m wondering if it something that takes getting used to. I really hope it gets better I’m trying to lose baby weight and I really want this to work like everyone is raving about. I hope it works for you too. Let me know.

    • Barb

      Take it an empty stomach. If you have food in your stomach that will lessen the effect. My one friend who took it said that it did not do a tone for her for energy-wise either but for myself and my other friend we find it gives us a lot and we are able to go to the gym and work out like mad. I think everyone is different so it effects each person a bit differently. Also if you are less hungry in general/taking more time to eat then it’s probably working. It’s also normal to feel spacy in the beginning but that goes away. Stick with it and use this time to eat really healthy and I bet you will lose weight.

      • M. McRea

        I am kind of in the same boat as you guys. I have “some” extra energy and I find I can still eat, and I do still eat- only I feel fuller with less and am eating smaller portions then before. So far I have only lost 5 lbs. Not very much but I guess it’s a start.

    • Barb

      Also like someone else already said, drink a lot of water. This will help with the pasty mouth and also help prevent water retention.

  75. kerrie

    I have been on it for5 days and lost 6 pounds in the first 3 days. but the last two days i have remained the same. any body else have this happen? just wondering if it has already stopped working.

    • Barb

      That is an excellent start I would be very happy with that. It has not stopped working keep at it and aim for about a 2 lb weight loss per week. If you lose more, then that’s a bonus.

  76. Marie

    Ok, the spacey feeling has gone away & the energy is kicking in. I also drink a few cups of coffee with in the morning and it helps jump start my day. So if your not feeling the energy drink a cup of coffee with it…it definitly helps! Also I’m not feeling hungry anymore, think this pill takes a few days to kick in and once it does your going full speed ahead!

    • the truth hurts

      Ya it can take a few days to “kick in” and coffee for sure helps kick start things but if you are senstative to caffeine I would not recommend too much coffee.

    • Barb

      Yep it sounds like it’s definately working.

  77. Jane

    I have lost 6 lbs in 5 weeks. Not as much as I had hoped for BUT I am still drinking every night. I think once I quit the booze the weight will really start to fall off. Or at least if I cut down lol.

    • K. Schillington

      Liquor adds a lot of empty calories. If you are trying to lose weight you should not have any alcohol.

  78. spyder

    Anyone have any tips for coming off phentramin d? I got the three months supply and and am down just over 20 lbs. I really don’t want to gain this weight back but I would like to stop taking the pills. Thanks!

    • Blessings

      Join some sort of a support group so that you keep up your good eating habbits and you will be accountable. I really like weight watchers. There are even online forums and weight loss communites too if you want something free and don’t want to leave the house.

  79. Kelly

    I have been on these pills for about a week and i was wondering if i can up my dose to 3 pills a day because i get up at 5am and go to bed at 11pm and i just get so hungry around 8pm.

    • Blessings

      No I would not take more then 2 pills per day. Instead take your afternoon pill later on in the day. That may mean you might have to take your morning pill later in the morning too. Just move up the times of your regular dosages.

      • Kelly

        Thanks for the suggestion. I started taking my pills later yesterday and it was much better but i did drink coffee at 5am to get me going. I have already lost 7lbs in 7 days but i am really obese i weighed 332lbs and i didnt exercise at all but once i started taking these pills i started doing two hrs of walking on my in home treadmill and i cut out most carbs i am just so sick of being overweight i have a 4yr old daughter and i want to live long enough to watch her grow old. I love these pills and personally have yet to experience any harmful or sleeplessness side effects.

        • Blessings

          Sounds like you are doing awesome Kelly- 7 lbs in 7 days is a GREAT start! Just think, that is like 7 bricks of butter that you are no longer carrying around :). And if you are exercising/walking for 2 hrs/day and cutting out most carbs you are going to lose a crap tone of weight. Get rid of all the junk food in the house too. Junk food is a real waistline buster.

  80. Lei

    This is my second day of phentramin-d but im still feeling hungry? i thought it’s suppose to suppress your appetite? i drink more than 3L of water a day. What am i doing wrong?

  81. Lei

    I am on day four on phentramin-d. I have lost 7 lbs so far, but it is not suppresing my appetite. I am always feeling hungry. Does anyone feel this?

    • Kelly

      Do you take it on an empty stomach? It works best for me when i take it on an empty stomach.

    • Blessings

      @ Lei – Give it a few more days as it maybe just taking a bit longer for your body to get used to it and for it to really “kick in.” You should be feeling some good energy by now, maybe like somone else above suggested, try taking it with a cup of coffee and see if that helps.

    • cameron

      You have lost 7 lbs in 4 days. I would say it is working and doing it’s thing. Are you feeling more satisifed with a lot less food? I find I still do get hungry, but the constant urge to snack is gone. If works for everyone a bit differently.

    • katya

      You lost 7 lbs in 4 days and you don’t think it’s working? It’s got to be workin! Iwould be really happy with that amount lost in 4 days lol

  82. kezia

    Just wanted to leave a note and say my first week I lost 5 lbs, and my second week I have lost 7 lbs!!! My clothes are getting loser and you can see in my face and arms that I am thinner. I am very excited and motivated. I have never seen results like this and I have dieted a lot.

  83. Plateau-ing?

    I had good loss for about 3 weeks (12 lbs) but I seem to be plateauing now. I have not really lost anything in the last week and a half. Has anyone else had this? What should I do?

    • cameron

      Don’t stop taking the pills. Keep taking them regularly and eating super healthy. Think back during the last week if you have eaten anything that you didn’t eat the weeks before that may not have been as healthy. I know if I go out to eat a few times in a week, even if it’s moderately healthy, I won’t have much of a loss that week…

    • annica

      I disagree. I would stop taking the pills for 1-2 weeks and the start up again. Do this everytime you feel the plateau it could be the pills are starting to lose effectiveness and your body needs a break. The important thing is to really eat healthy while you are off the pills so that you don’t gain anything back while you are off them.

  84. Christina

    I just got my Phentramin d today and the pills are blue and white capsules. Is this normal?? I was expecting blue and white speckled pills.

    • Blessings


  85. Plateau-ing?

    Thanks I have lost 3 more lbs in the last two weeks. I guess I am still losing but it has slowed down that’s all.

  86. Brittany

    Hi, my name is Brittany and I am 18 years old. I am 5″4 and weigh about 150lbs. I would like to lose up to 25lbs if at all possible asap! I was wondering if this product will help me do that. I do not have the time to exercise much at all also so how will that effect it? And also if this pill does not work can I get my money back? Or is there a guarantee of some sort?

    • Blessings

      @Brittany – Yes you should be able to lose 25 lbs I would say realistically in two months. The weight will come off a lot faster though if you do some sort of exercise. If you don’t have time, then don’t worry you will still lose weight without doing any just keep your daily calorie limit around 1200. The Phentramin D makes this pretty easy to do. I don’t think there is a guarantee but I am not 100% sure. It’s kind of a hard thing to police like how does the drug company know you are not still eating chocolate cake every or McDonalds every day. If you are doing that then no matter what kind of pills you take it’s not going to work.

      • B. Allen

        The good thing is you won’t really want to eat McDonalds or such any more as that type of food really loses it’s appeal. Phentramine D works for most pple but there are no guarantees. Do some google searches as there are a lot of reviews out there. Do your research and then decide if you think it’s right for you. Good Luck.

  87. toni

    I am a self confessed fast food adict. I eat probably 2 meals a day at some sort of fast food place. This habit has helped me pack on a good 40 extra pounds that I really want to get rid of. I need help big time. The scary thing is, I don’t even know where to start. Like, I hope that by taking these pills I won’t want fast food anymore? but then what sort of foods should I buy? I am a terrible shopper. I need help!

    • desdemona

      Buy a lot of fruit and vegetables and make yourself a lot of fruit salads and regular salads. You can chop up pretty much any vegetable and put it on a bed of lettuce. Go easy on the dressing though. Only buy low fat dressings or make your own. I like the good ole home made olive oil and balsamic vingar.

      • toni

        thank you for your suggestion. I have already stocked up on vegetables and fruits. any other ideas? My shippment of phen d should be arriving soon and I am anxious to get this started.

  88. jennifer d

    From time to time I get bored or stressed and then I cannot control my eating. Is this something you can take on an here and there basis? Or is it something you need to take for a longer period of time?

    • Lindsay

      It’s designed to be taken a few weeks at a time to jumpstart your weight loss and help you see results fast so you stay motivated while you are learning new eating habits and changing your lifestyle. But if you are down to your goal weight I see no problem with popping one here and there on days that your might be extra tempted i.e. parties, buffets, weddings and such.

  89. lainy

    Well I just weighed myself and am a whole pound lighter then yesterday. Love it! So far I am impressed with Phentramin d and I have no side effects just no desire for food. it does what it says it will do. I would love to hear from other Phen D users past or present good luck everyone!

  90. Ashley

    Hi I took my first two pills today I’m trying to lose 40lbs I’m on a low carb and hardly no sugar diet and I exercise a hr a day 3xs a week I’m hoping to shed this weight immediately and I’m on a 1500 calorie diet!! I’m only drinking water and unsweetened tea with Splenda and lemons! I have fresh fruits like watermelon candolope grapes apples and bananas I really hope this works! And I don’t eat after 7pm. Today is 7/19/2012 and I hope by next month I can achieve my goal along with this new life style of eating right!!

  91. cry me a river

    Why are some people skinny and they have no problem with weight gain at all, then there are others who struggle so much? I hang out with my friends all of them are smaller than me, we eat mostly the same things, do the same stuff for exercise, and they are all slender and then there is me. Where have I gone wrong? Do they only eat when they are with me and then go home and not eat for the rest of the day/week? I am sick of always being the biggest one of our group and I want to make it stop. I do like my food, but not anymore than anyone else. I am ordering these pills and want to turn the tides. enough is enough. Sorry had to vent.

    • maggie

      Different people have different metabolisms and genetics :). Life is not fair, what can I say lol

      • cry me a river

        Ugh ok it’s been almost a month and I have lost 13 lbs ! I feel a lot more energized and posative. I know it’s not a lot of weight but it’s going in the right direction! I have been getting very nagative seeing the scale going up and up over the last few years so this is huge for me. I really hope this keeps up for me and that I can lose another 13 lbs next month for a total of 26 lbs. That for now is my short term goal. yay happy!

  92. Tonia Miller

    I just ordered this & it should be here 8/13/12. I have high hopes for this since I quit smoking 6 yrs ago I have had the worst time trying to lose weight. I tried the HCG diet, but then after you eat more then 500 cal a day after the 40 days I started gaining back the 20 lbs I lost. I used to be 135 lbs before stopping smoking & now have gone up to 205.5. I will be 48 this yr & seem to have gotten the mid section belly. I have been taking Amberen also. I have really been hard on myself & men seem to be too because they do not like women with weight on them. I need my self esteem back. Sooooooooooo I am hoping this will help. I have been doing the MyFitnessPal on my cell phone for a 1200 cal a day diet. I input everything I eat on there so it keeps track for me. If this is right about 58 lbs in 3 months I will be down to 147.5 lbs. That would be great! I know it depends on me & my eating too. Fingers crossed I am at my wits end with this weight on me. I don’t want to take up smoking again.

    • lainy

      I hear you we are all in the same boat re our self esteem ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t be too hard on yourself though really. It does no good. Just focus on a better, new improved you, eat healthy, start taking a class such as zumba or yoga or even walking every day and you will start feeling better in no time. And men can be such a$$’s and most wouldn’t know a good women if one fell in their lap. Look at them, most have big huge beer bellies themselves lol.

  93. Erin M.

    I am another that was able to lose weight with phentramin d. I lost it very fast (45 lbs in 3 months) and I have kept it off now for 6 months. The only side effects I had was a dry mouth and a bit of restlessness.

  94. Kelly

    I have been taking these pills since May and i have lost 36lbs since i started taking these pills and i love them i am getting my confidence back even my fiance says that i am getting sexier everyday and our sex life is better because i am more comfortable with my body (i weighed 165 when we met). I am going to be in a wedding in October and i bought my bridesmaid dress two sizes too small hopefully when i go for my fitting in September the dress will fit. The only side effects are dry mouth (not a problem just drink more water) and i noticed that i was getting irritated easily some days but i do have a 4yr old daughter that caused most of my irritability lol. I love these pills and i def. recommend them.

  95. annie 67

    Ok I have only lost about 10 lbs and I have been taking it for almost 2 months. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, I run 3 days a week for about 1/2 hr and I am eating a lot of vegetables and dip and rice cakes, crackers etc. I was hoping for more of a loss. Thanks

    • jamer

      I would suggest not eating so many rice cakes and crackers. Replace them with protien or something that is not a carbohydrate. Too many carbs reduce weight loss. Also check the dip you are using. A lot of dips contain hight fat and high calories. With some of them you may as well just have eaten a hamburger!

      • annie 67

        Ok I have not checked in on this board in a while. Thanks for the tip. I have lost another 8.5 lbs for a total of 18.5 lbs in three months. All I can say is don’t give up even if it’s coming off slowly because it all adds up over time. Don’t get discouraged, keep going.

    • asena

      Yeah you should be down at least 20 lbs in 2 months. what else are you eating? are you drinking a lot of water?

  96. gillian

    I got the bottle in the mail today ad took my first pill. It does take away your appetite and I feel really good so far. It’s bascially like a strong coffee buzz and you have a lot of extra energy you don’t know what to do with.

    • Pearl

      Yup sounds about right ^^ I just got mine the other day too and I am loving the buzz.

  97. Gina

    I am wondering if Phentramin D will cause mood swings? Right now I am taking Phentermine 37.5 and have been for a few weeks but lately I have noticed I have zero patience for my kids and husband. I am very irritated by them that I yell and snap and it’s making for a very stressful home environment. If Phentramin D works just as well and I can be more myself on it I am really thinking about switching.

  98. KT

    When you all are taking Phentramin D, do you totally deny yourself all “goodies” and only eat healthy foods? Can you cheat here and there or will it totally wreck your diet?

    • Adriane

      Umm, like most diets, you can still have the odd thing and still be successful. For example, it was my niece’s birthday last week and I LOVE icecream cake. So, I had a piece of cake that day. But, I did not have a big piece and I really savoured every bite. I then drank a lot of water and was careful about what I chose to eat the rest of the day. I think indulging yourself once in a while is totally fine, just be aware of the portions (keep it small) and adjust the rest of the day accordingly. Gone are the days where I would eat McDonalds for lunch and pizza for dinner!

  99. Jackee

    Has anyone gotten sick? It’s been 3 months I feel a bit nauseous/sick lately. I have felt fine all along so it’s weird that all of a sudden I feel crappy. I think I will take a break and stop for a while and start back up and see if it helps.

  100. MrsJones

    I started out as a size 18 and weighing 180 lbs (this was end of July) and I am proud to say now I have hit 130 lbs!! Thus I have stopped taking the pills. Today I fluctate at about 130-135 and as long as I keep it in that range I am very happy. The goal is now to keep the weight off for good. I have an extra bottle of Phen D to help get me through the occaisanl craving and dinners out so that will be my secret weapon when my will power is not working so well.

    • Mimi

      Hello, I am inspired by your story. Can u tell me the diet plan u were on to lose the weight? I am at 186 and size 14 in dresses and 16 in pants. I would love to be 135 lbs. thanks

  101. water?

    They say the key to losing weight is drinking water so how much water should you drink? More then the standard 8 glasses a day? I hate drinking so much water!

    • yes water!!

      It’s weird, I used to HATE water, but then I forced myself to drink it all the time, and soon I WANTED it all the time. I have a 500 ml bottle of water on my desk at all times that I constantly sip out of and I immediately refill it as soon as it was empty. I think I drink 2-3 litres a day.

      So yes, I would say min. 8 glasses a day, more if you are trying to lose weight!!

  102. lo

    Is phentramin d a fatburner or appetite suppressant?
    I need more of a fatburner

  103. Priscilla

    GEEZ.. I’m reading ALL the great reviews, but I’m SSSOOOO skepitcal. I have been on EVERYTHING under the sun and just can’t seem to shake my weight, cause I’m Im at 210 right now and would love to be at 175-180. Shucks 190 would even be nice..PLEASE help me decide, I’m really scared. Thanks

  104. Angela

    what is the dosage you take

  105. Angela

    what is the dosage you take

  106. Sean

    I also skeptical I want to lose 30-40 lbs in eight week. I’m a 180 so I just want to know that this really works. Right now I workout 5 days a week at the gym and have for non stop. I just wish I could look like the girls in the gym and be happy with my body this will help me a lot.

  107. Jen

    i am trying to get more information on this pill… i read the ingredients and one of them have some serious side effects… but i havent seen any negative reviews… has anyone had negative effects or side effects?

  108. Kelly

    I have lost 5lbs in 3 days this is the second time i am taking the pills. I took phenramin d two years ago weighing 310 and got down to 228 by taking 3 bottles and eating low carb and exercising a few times a week by doing interval walking and jogging. I had a baby 11 months ago and have only gained weight since having her. I know these pills work and i love the cracked out feeling i get and i have a wonderful mood change.

  109. Heath

    Is there a benefit to taking the capsule versus the tablet?

    • admin

      Hello. There is no difference in ingredients or the quantity of the ingredients between the tablets and capsules. Both are offered because some people prefer one to the other, but the products are essentially the same.

  110. Mina

    I just ordered my first bottle of the Phentramin-d tablets. I am very eager and dedicated to lose weight due developing back pain from my weight. I am hoping for rapid weight loss, at least initially to allow me to begin to move around better so I can do more exercise, chores around the house, etc. I am over 350+ and only 5 feet tall. How much should be a good goal/expectation for the first month?

    • Eva Bugarin

      Did you start your phentermine how did it go? I was on phentermine for three months I lost 40 pounds even after I stopped it I kept losing weight. I lost up to 90 pounds within a year but only took phentermine for three months. But it wasnโ€™t Phentermine D now Two years later Iโ€™m starting to gain weight back again Iโ€™ve never taken the deep formula of phentermine how does it work and does it work?

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