How Does Phentramin-D Work

There are many factors that go into weight loss, and many different parts of the equation with which to consider when you want to lose your excess body weight. Dieting and exercise are great, but at times, they can only go so far for some people. Each person has their own level of will power and can only sustain steady exercise for so long. When it seems that diets stall out and that there is no hope to get things going again, some turn to supplements to get things moving. One such supplement that people are using is Phentramin-D. Could this work for you as well?

Phentramin-D works towards correcting the major struggles that dieters inevitably come across in their weight loss endeavors. Fatigue can be a huge problem when you’re trying to lose weight.  It makes you hungrier, less likely to exercise, it weakens your performance when you do hit the gym and it reduces your motivation to stick to your diet.  Cravings for salty, fatty, sugary foods can be overwhelming when you’re battling with fatigue. Wouldn’t it be great to have help with all of these things?

You may wonder how a pill can help you amp up your energy levels in a way that feels natural and that lasts long enough to make a difference.  Every ingredient in Phentramin-D has been selected to make sure it provides just the right benefits to help you through your day.  That said, it doesn’t resort to substances such as ephedra, which can be dangerous for your health and have been banned by the FDA.  Instead, the weight loss experts at Lazarus Labs carefully selected each substance so dieters can be confident in their choice to support their weight loss strategy with this pill.

The human body works in ways that can be quite amazing. Our bodies are programmed to do things that we do not have to consciously think about. The energy levels of the body are controlled by quite a few things. One would be the food choices that we make. That said, when we’re eating fewer calories due to a diet for weight loss, this can reduce the amount of easy energy we feel from our food.  Our bodies may be burning fat for energy, but that is used to keep our bodies functioning and not necessarily for keeping us focused and alert.

The ingredients in Phentramin-D are: 2-Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride (PEA), Caffeine, Hordenine Hydrochloride, Synephrine Hydrochloride. They provide an extra boost of energy you can feel and use.  You’ll be able to push yourself to that top performance when you work out.  You’ll also feel sharper and more alert so that when it comes time to choosing the right food that not only tastes great but suits your weight loss strategy, you’ll be ready to do yourself proud.

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How do these pills work? They work with your body’s natural systems to boost your energy levels.  The rest is up to you.  This pill doesn’t do the work for you.  It makes sure you are always the one in control.  That way, you develop all the healthy habits you need for a lifetime of healthy weight management.  However, with Phentramin-D, building those habits won’t be hard.  These pills eliminate the struggle so you can keep up your calorie controlled dieting and regular exercise without the typical drawbacks associated with those activities.

Now, you can have the energy you need to stop skipping those workouts.  You’ll be powered up enough to maximize your workout performance and, therefore, reach your best burn.  You’ll be able to keep up with your day, even if you live a busy lifestyle.  These are all areas that could otherwise cause dieters to stumble and give up on their strategies because they simply feel too fatigued all the time.

When it comes time for a snack at work, you’ll know that the one you brought from home will be enough.  You won’t need to hit the vending machine, and you’ll be alert enough to be mindful and skip the break room treats.  If it’s someone’s birthday, a bite or two of birthday cake is more than enough to let you join in and celebrate.  There’s no need for a whole piece. When you come home from work, you’ll be ready to choose the best meal to suit your weight loss strategy and will know you don’t need to fall back on take-out.  That’s how you gained the weight, it’s not how you’ll lose it.  Fortunately, you’ll be energized enough to keep up your motivation and focus the whole way through.

Along with energy and focus, Phentramin-D also gives your metabolism support through thermogenics.  These ingredients, like all the ingredients in this formula, have been clinically researched.  Every time you do a workout, you’ll feel the burn and know you’re helping yourself to get to where you want to be.  After all, your metabolism decides exactly what is used for energy, how it is used and where.  When it’s running at its best it is also at its most efficient.

Phentramin-D is made with the highest quality ingredients. These are premium-grade ingredients that are not only helpful for most dieter programs, but also heavily researched. Those wishing to take Phentramin-D should make sure they follow the directions precisely.  This way, they will be taking the ideal balance of the ingredients for the best possible benefits.

Before taking Phentramin-D – or making any other big changes to your diet or lifestyle – talk with your doctor. This way, you’ll feel confident in knowing that this pill is right for you and you’re combining it with the best possible diet and fitness strategies. Taken alone, Phentramin-D won’t lead to severe side effects or chemical dependency, but it’s not until you combine it with proper weight management efforts that it truly comes out to shine. Talking with your doctor will make sure you know exactly what you’re doing to get the most from Phentramin-D.

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  1. Tom S.

    Can I take Phentramin-d for more than 3 months?
    How much weight can I expect to lose per month honestly?
    Thanks T.

    • Desiree

      If you loose a lot of weight in the 3 months I would stay on it for 6 months so that your body can settle and adjust into your new weight and you will be less likely to gain the weight back.

    • Desiree

      Also the amount of weight you can expect to loose varies from person to person. I know people who have lost 10 pounds already in the first two weeks but I also know some who have lost 2 or so pounds per week. In all honesty, I think you can expect to loose at least 20 pounds if you take Phentramin-d for three months. Again though it depends on so many factors- i.e. are you exercising regularly too? Have you changed to healthier eating habits?

    • KSigusmund

      Yes you are probably fine to take phentraminD for 3 months. One note of caution though: If you have diabetes or other medical conditions, you MUST consult with your medical team prior to implementing radical or even slight changes to your diet. When you have other factors come into play (sugar control issues, insulin dependency, etc.) then it is best to WORK WITH your doctor(s) or nurse(s) to let them help you with a specialized plan for your needs and situation.

    • steve

      Yes you can take it for 3 months.

    • astrid

      yes you can take it as long as you want. I have been on and off it for a year with no problems. Phend is the best way to lose weight I have lost over 40 lbs and I never want to get back up there.

    • KellyS.

      I would bet that after 3 months most people would be down AT LEAST 30 lbs.

      • Emma

        KellyS- How much did you lose and how long were you on it??

        • KellyS.

          Hi Emma I have been on it now for 10 weeks and I am down 26 lbs.

    • Natasha

      I have been taking it for 5 months without any problems. Im my first month I lost 12 lbs, second month I lost 9 pounds and the last three months I have lost 10lbs. I am really happy with the resluts. The time goes by either way, you may as well lose weight while it does.

    • amie

      If you have a lot to lose, you will probably lose 15 lbs per month. More if you work out a lot and really watch what you eat.

  2. Tammy2

    Tim I took Phentramin-d for close to 5 months, I did not have any major negative reaction to it. It does make you a little wired though especially the first 2 hours or so after taking one. I also found the weight loss slowed down after the 3rd month. I lost 15 pounds the first month, and about 12 the each of the next two months, but this dropped off to around 7-8 in the each of the forth and fifth months.
    Overall it’s been great and I am way healthier now.

    • KristinA

      I had no negative reactions either. I am only on month one, but I am eating so much less and feel way better already. My kids are even commenting on how much energy I have! Also I don’t get a weird feeling in the first two hrs like you do so I guess everyone is a bit different

      • sundance

        Tammy said “wired” not “weird” lol. I do experience this energy boost within the first few hrs of taking it as well. Other side effects I notice are dry mouth, and sometimes I have trouble sleeping so I make sure to take it earlier in the day. Or, sometimes I even cut the pill in half and I still get the benefit but not so strong effects.

  3. lakicia

    I am wondering what kind of side effects people are having to Phentramin-d if any?

    • Daniel_C

      The only side effects that I had was the dry mouth, sometimes restlessness at night and increased energy- nothing too crazy…

    • thin lizzy

      I wasn’t going to post anything until I had been taking this for a while, but it seems that the first 3-5 days is when everyone is affected one way or another. First day, felt a little weird “spacey”? No decrease in appetite. Second day, still felt a little spacey with mild dry mouth. Day 3 felt great, but had the dry mouth. No headaches to note. Day 3 woke up with ZERO appetite. Day 4 feels really good, a little munchy in the evening, but that is because I took the doses so early in the day. Today, day 5, I feel constipated, but nothing a little fibre or a few prunes can’t help. Hope this keeps up, I was very very worried about the side effects! I have taken other RX diet pills in the past and have had some HORRID experiences so I understand the worry. Oh and in the past 5 days I have lost 3.5 lbs so I am pretty happy so far. 🙂

    • Steve_00

      Most of the side effects people report are relatively mild and can consist of: increased energy, diarrhea or constipation, insomnia/restlessness (because of the caffeine) dizziness, irregular heartbeat, dry mouth, headaches, etc. Although some people say it has relieved their migraines! But lots of people report little or no side effects so it just depends on you as a person. Also just to be cautious, for me, I stay away from caffeine products while taking Phentramin-d and I feel totally fine. No jitters or restlessness so I think that’s the key there.

    • David Ellis

      Most of the side effects come from the caffeine which can lead to higher blood pressure, higher sugar levels and it can cause a bit of anxiety with certain people. Try to stay away from other caffeine products while you are taking it and you probably shouldn’t use PhentraminD if you are taking other prescription medications.

    • KellyS.

      It just feels like you are wired on coffee.

  4. jennyReefsch

    I am looking to loose about 15-20 lbs. I am wondering if phentramin-d is something I should try. I have never been super heavy just slightly overweight.

    • Desiree

      I think Phentramin-d will definitely help you loose that weight. Because it is an appetite suppressant, you will feel fuller faster and eat much less then you normally would. Your best bet for success is to combine the Phentramin-d with some sort of daily excersise (if you don’t excersise already), and then try to eat as healthy as possible. I really do think it will work for you and because you don’t have a tone to loose, you probably only need to buy one bottle.

    • lilmiss

      If you have tried just regular diet already and want something to “help” you along then yes even if you only have a few pounds to lose this will help you do it. There is no weight limit for this drug, from the super heavy to just “heavy” to slightly overweight phentramin will help you eat less and eating less makes you thin.

  5. eileen jennings

    I am on week one and have lost 2lbs. Not as much as I was hoping to loose but I am going to keep going. Or maybe I am doing something wrong? I take it before breakfast and before lunch with water…

    • 2BeSlim_99

      I know the Phentramin-d can take longer to kick in for some people i.e. they don’t feel the effects right away, it’s takes a week or two. I bet during week 2 & 3 you will see a greater loss. However, I would say that although 2 lbs is not a huge loss, it’s not bad either. I do know someone that only lost 2 lbs every week that they were on it. Just remember everybody’s bodies are different and will react a bit differently to it.

      • eileen jennings

        Thanks for the response- I am on week 2 and down another 2 pounds. I guess slow and steady is better then nothing.

    • s_78_jc

      No you are not doing anything wrong. I lost an average of 2 pounds a week as well but after 3 months I am down 25 lbs so I will take it. 🙂 Just keep at it and it will pay off in the long run.

      • dylanW

        I think you are fine. For the first month I lost about 4lbs each week, then in month 2 I really upped my exercise and I started losing almost a pound per day. The stuff is amazing. It’s my new secret.

  6. RoanneT

    I have been on Phentramin d for about 3 months and have lost 24 lbs. I don’t have any major side effects. I do not feel jittery or nauseous like other diet pills can make you feel. I still get hungry but it takes much less of a portion size to make me feel full and “satisfied” and it has helped to stop my cravings for junk food, fast food and midnight snacks. I just feel “happier” if that makes any sense. I still want to loose another 25-30 lbs so I am really hoping that that the Phentramind keeps working for me and does not wear off and that I am still able to keep up my good eating habits when I quit taking it…

  7. rachel

    What is the difference between Phentramin D and Phentermine?? Is one better then the other?

    • Steve_00

      The biggest difference is that for phentramin D you do NOT need a prescription for it. There are not the same harmful ingredients in phentramin D as there are in Phentermine so it can be bought over the counter. Both will help with weight loss, I hear there are more side effects with Phentermine though, mostly stuff like insomnia and jitters.

    • David Ellis

      Phentramin-D was actually developed to REPLACE Phentermine. They say that this prescription–free new version can be far more powerful and that it does not have any of the dangerous side effects.

    • lessicJake

      PhentraminD is considered safer than prescription Phentermine. Also Phentermine is expensive, while Phentramin-D is dirt cheap in comparrison and can be purchased online without having to pay the cost of seeing your physician.

    • rachel

      so what exactly does it do to your body? to help you lose the weight?

      • living well

        it makes it so that you are basically never hungry. It gives you a feeling of always being full so you don’t want to eat. and you are very satisfied after eating small amounts.

      • special effect

        You will go for many hours without feeling hungry. You will eat less and that is how you will lose weight.

    • astrid

      Phentermine is prescription. If you are able to get it through your doctor I would try to. You might be one of those lucky people that have no side effects. It really is the best weight loss pill there is.

    • Bonnet

      I have tried both and I lost weight with both. I first was on phentermine, but then I stopped taking it and I gained all the weight back. Now I am on phentraminD (it’s just easier to get) and the weight is coming off again but this time I am not going to quit the pills cold turkey and “hope for the best.” I am going to be way more careful with what I eat and try to keep up the lifestyle and good habits. It’s the only way really.

    • hale68

      Phentermine was invented first and is a very powerful weight loss drug. Thus, you must be under a doctors supervision in order to get it because some of the side effects can be dangerous. This created a need to make a diet pill that everyone could take, that was just as effective as Phentermine. Hence phentramin was born. It’s ingredients work similarly to that of Phentermine, they just replaced some of the more harmful ingredients with safer counterparts.

  8. Jeff Lewis

    I think people have to realize that phentraminD is a an appetite suppressant not a fat burner. It makes you EAT LESS and that is where the weight loss is coming from. It does give you added energy from caffeine which makes working out easier and also for the first couple days there is an adjustment period in your body so you may feel a bit “off” for the first couple days but then it goes away quickly.

  9. wild orchid

    I started taking PhentraminD 4 weeks ago and already lost 16 lbs. Diet and exercise is a must though. I really do feel happier and have a lot more energy. Would I recommend it? Yes!

  10. RBowler

    I was overweight so I took phentermine around 4 yrs ago and lost 37lbs. But I put back on 24 lbs after a bad accident. So I took it for a second time but it did not work as well the second time around. I also really struggled with the side effects so I went ahead and ordered PhentraminD as I heard the side effects are much, much less. I would say it really does help curb my appetite and controls my cravings well. I used to think about food all the time which I don’t anymore. I have no anxieties or any of the other side effects I got with phentermine and actually I feel quite normal again. I eat smaller meals throughout the day hand and have much greater control. This sure isn’t a quick fix pill, but is a great answer for restoring my sanity and a healthy relationship with food again. I lost 8.5 lbs in the first 2 weeks. Only 18 more to my goal!

  11. Glenn

    How much weight does the average person really lose when taking PhentraminD?

    • penny_leigh

      I would say that you will for sure lose from 2 pounds to 4 pounds in the first week, while some people I know have lost 10 pounds in the first week. I have read online that the person reported losing the LEAST amount of weight on phentramin d lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks, so to me it’s still a good loss. (any loss is a good loss right?) Also the the person that reported the most weight loss was around 45 pounds in 2 months so that’s quite a lot.

      • Rachel

        i would be ecstatic to lose 15 pounds in 6 weeks…

    • e-ohler

      10 lbs per month would be a safe guess. Depends on how much you exercise and how overweight you are to begin with.

    • mike

      If you exersize a lot and eat super healthy (lots of protein and veg, no carbs) you can lose 25 lbs easy in one month with Phen D. I have done it and I have seen others do it.

  12. Romany Pinto

    Does anyone know if you can take phentramin d while you are pregnant? I have gained a TONE of weight and really want to get some help getting it off…

    • Steve_00

      I don’t know for sure but I would think that pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take phentraminD. If you have any doubts you need to contact your doctor.

    • fat no more

      I would not take PhentraminD while you are pregnant because of the caffeine.

    • carmie

      No, wait until after the baby is born and then try and lose the weight then.

  13. ellie

    I am quite sensitive to caffeine, I get headachy and jittery when I even have a cup of coffee. I am wondering if I would do ok on this stuff? Does anyone else have issues with caffeine?

    • wild orchid

      Um, I am fine with caffeine myself but I do know there is caffiene in phentraminD so if you really are that sensitive I would say this may not be the right product for you…

    • Frankie

      I was a pot of coffee per day person and I still have 1-2 cups of coffee a day even while taking phenD. Everyone is different.

    • jessy

      If you are super sensitive to caffeine you might have issues with phentraminD. I would just only order one bottle and take half the dose and see how you are after a week. Likely you will be fine after a week as your body gets used to it.

  14. erica_delacki

    I was on Phen D for about 5 months last year and I lost about twenty five pounds. What I liked about the Phen D was I had this amazing ability to control my appetite. The thing I didnt like about it was the insomnia. I have a hard time sleeping at the best of times so I wound up stopping Phen D after not sleeping very well for a few days. I have since put back on a few pounds, so I am thinking I will give it another shot for a few months because it really did help with my weight loss and appetite control.

    • francesca

      I was having the same issue with the not sleeping. What I did that really helped is cut the afternoon dose in half. I found I can sleep normally if I only have half the dose and it still works the same as far as suppressing the appetite for me.

    • Steve_00

      You also might want to try taking your second dose earlier in the day. If you take it too late in the afternoon that may be what’s keeping you up.

  15. gBrown

    I was quite skeptical and apprehensive about trying a so called “diet pill” but my wife and I have been taking phentramin d now for a month – so far no ill effects and maybe a bit more energy. She has dropped 8 pounds and I have lost 12 pounds. We both agreed that this is the only time we have been able to stick with our diets for more then a week or two at a time. Usually we yo yo back and forth and get super frustrated. So far so good, we are happy.

  16. Helen

    I used to be on Phentermine but I started having heart palpitations. I was very upset because I did lose a pile of weight but my doctor had me stop taking it. Now I am noticing the weight starting to creep back up so I decided to give Phentramin-d a try. So far no palpitations or other side effects. I am also down 3 lbs in the first week so I am really hoping this could be my answer.

    • Rochelle

      I too was on phentermine and the same thihng happened to me with the heart palpitations. It got so bad that I would palpitate even if I just picked up a heavy bag of groceries, not even really straining myself. I stopped taking it and eventually switched to phentramind. I have been on it for two months and have had no palpitations yet. It’s somehow not as harsh as phentermine. Maybe it’s not quite as strong as phentermine, but it still works and it’s not as scary to take.

  17. carrie

    I recently gained a tone of weight. I used to have major anxiety and a bit of depression (I basically had a breakdown and had to be hospitalized) so I was on a bunch of meds that made me pack on the weight. I have now quit all the meds (under my doctors supervision of course) and I want to lose all this weight but I feel very overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. I never had a weight problem before. I really didn’t want to go on any more prescription meds (for obvious reasons) so I am wondering if phenterminD might be the answer for me as it is not prescription…

    • Mailyn

      Carrie I just read your post and I totally know what you are going through. I used to be on anti depressants for years and when I came off them I was the heaviest I had ever been. You already know this but you just have to take one day at a time. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with Phentramin d. If you are not taking any other meds it’s totally fine. You will feel good, have great energy and the feeling of always being ravenous will be a thing of the past. In fact, I had trouble wanting to eat! I lost 20 lbs so I am SURE you can do it too. R U ready to be thin again? 😉 xoxox

      • carrie

        Thank you, for your kind words. I just made my order and I can hardly wait to get started. I was feeling so overwhelmed but I think this is the first step I need to take and I already feel better reading these posts and knowing I too may be able to do this.

        • Steve_00

          Hey Carrie how is it going? Curious to know how you are making out??

          • carrie

            Well I have been on Phentramin D now for 6 weeks and I have never felt better. Thank you so much to those who supported me in ordering it. The biggest step I think was to just order the pills and finally “get started.” I am down 22lbs if you can believe that. The beginning was a little slow, but after losing the first 10lbs I became quite motivated to keep going so I have even been exercising! Even my doctor is amazing at how well I am doing and how much healthier I have become in such a short time! I do believe now that how we feel inside is related directly to how healthy our bodies are. If you are not healthy, you are not going to feel good no matter how you look.

  18. JoAnne

    I ordered the stuff and so far I have only lost one pound. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Desiree

      Are you taking it 20 min before breakfast and again before lunch? Are your eating habits pretty healthy? It’s supposed to take away your appetite do you don’t eat much and therefor will lose weight. If you are still eating unhealthily then it’s not going to work as well. Also if you are consuming more (or the same) calories as you burn then you must create a calorie deficit and you will lose weight. 1 pound is not a bad start though so just keep at it.

  19. jenniflower_82

    PhentraminD has honestly changed the way I look at food. After I take it I simply no longer have the cravings for the things I once did.
    The only thing is, is that I have these terrible mood swings. The pill makes me very irratable. If I weren’t so committed to losing weight I probably would have stopped taking it but weight loss was my absolute number one priority and I did get to my goal weight.

    • Jeneane Cosco

      Is anyone else constipated on PhentraminD? I find whilst it is keeping my hunger in check and I have a lot more energy I think it’s making me a bit constipated. Maybe I am the only one?

      • JaneMoore

        No, you are not the only one. I found it made me a little bit constipated as well. Someone suggested to me to take this stuff called “NutraCleanse” (it’s a fibre, psyllium supplement that helps clean out your system and helps with weight loss) while I was on the phenD. It helped keep my system “moving” plus it’s good for you.

        • Jeneane Cosco

          Thanks I will try the nutracleanse. Where do I get it?

          • JaneMoore

            I just got it in the supplement section at the pharmacy. They probably carry it in most health food stores as well or you can probably get it online too.

          • jessy

            Make sure you are getting a lot of fibre in the foods you do eat. i.e. lots of fruits and veggies.

        • itsrainingmen

          Most prescription drugs do make you a bit constipated that’s just the name of the game. Even though phentraminD is not prescription, it does mimic a perscription drug so some of the effects might be a bit similar.

      • Steve_00

        Bad diet also causes constipation and so does insufficient water intake. Make sure you are drinking a lot of water every day (at least 8 glasses) as well as eating lots of foods high in fibre. Fruits, veggies, oatmeal, beans, whole wheat bread, brown rice and other whole grain cereals have a lot of fibre in them.

      • fat no more

        I would stay away from processed foods all together. While they are “convenient” they are filled with lots of chemicals and offer not much in the way of nutrition. If you are having trouble going to the bathroom eat lots of produce and real, whole foods. Our bodies are able to process that stuff a lot better.

  20. raindrop_76

    I am wondering if anyone knows if PhentraminD is similar to Hoodia?

    • Maddy

      Hi there,
      I am not 100% sure, but I think Hoodia is supposed to be an “all natural” herbal and plant based product, while phentramin is not an herbal product but is made up of chemicals and was created to mimic the effects of Phentermine and Adipex (which are the most popular diet pills) but be less harmful on the body.

    • lauren

      With Hoodia you have to be very careful about which product/brand you order because only a very certain part of the plant has the appetite suppressant quality and even though the packaging says “hoodia,” you could be taking something that does absolutely nothing for you…

    • laura

      I have tried both and I didn’t loose a thing with Hoodia. Placibo? With phenD I lost 18lbs so if you are trying to decide between the two I would strongly recommend phenD.

    • KellyS.

      Don’t waste your time with Hoodia, Phentramin D works way better. Might as well go for the good stuff right off the bat!

  21. lenny1985

    I have only lost 5 pounds after one month. I was hoping to lose more? What’s everyone doing that they are so successful?

    • melliemel

      5 pounds is not bad? Maybe you don’t have a lot to lose? What are your eating habits like? Just remember, you have to realistic about how this drug is meant to work- it is meant to help you learn new eating habits and get you motivated to lose weight and get healthy.
      If you are using it to simply fast yourself thin, you will lose some weight but if you want to REALLY lose a lot of weight, you will have to eat healthy at the same time.

    • So_sleepy

      They say the best rate of weight loss is 1-2lbs per week so 5 lbs in one month is actually a totally successful month! At that rate in 5 months you will be down 25lbs!!

      • lenny1985

        Thanks for your encouragement. I find I am so easily discouraged with diets then I get really frustrated. I read all the reviews here and I was hoping to lose a lot more right away but I see now that I have to modify my eating habits a little. Even since I posted I am down 5 more lbs and the important thing is a feel much better already. I don’t have a tone to lose, maybe only 15 more pounds then I will REALLY be happy. Looking forward to seeing what happens in a few weeks time. 🙂

        • lenny1985

          Well it’s been 2 months and I have lost a total of 25 pounds. I am quite happy with that but I am also pretty nervous about gaining it back. How do you keep the weight off once you have lost it??

          • sonora lee

            Lenny that is wonderful! Congrats! What I do is slowly wean yourself off of the pills. Like I will go from taking 2 per day to just taking one, then eventually to none. Then after a while if I see the weight creeping back up I start taking them again for a couple weeks. I find that system really keeps the weight at bay.

          • carmie

            Keep eating the way you were eating while you were on the pills. Eat small, small meals and chose low cal foods. If you feel cravings coming back on pop another pill here and there until you can do it all on your own.

  22. allison~*

    I have been on various diets and trying to lose weight since the birth of my daughter (14 freaking years ago.) It was my new years resolution of 2011 yet again to lose weight. After much thought and speculation, I decided to give phentramin d a try. I had nothing to lose. My start weight was 220 lbs. I now weigh 165 lbs. I worked at it and ate healthy- said good bye to the bread basket at the restaurants, but it was a lot easier to do and stay motivated this time. This is by far the most I have ever lost in one stretch.
    I’m very happy with myself and thankful for my family and friends with all their support. If you are considering trying phentramind to help you lose weight, it does work and I recommend it.

  23. Legacy

    I just started taking phentramin-d 3 days ago and I must admit I am not hungry! Down 3 lbs already. Hoping it keeps on going this way. p.s. I don’t have cotton mouth or the shakes.

  24. Too Big for the seat

    I am quite overweight, I would really like to get surgery to lose weight but the other night I was watching a TV show where after the weight loss surgery, the patient had to have another surgery just to cut off these huge skin flaps. I know I am going to have the same issue. I am frustrated because I want to drop pounds so bad but I have no money for the surgery let alone two surgeries. I have some questions for all the phentramind users: Do i have to go to get a surgery to cut the excess of skin? I’m gonna start this weekend but i would like to know what you guys think!

    • carolyn

      No you do not have to get surgery for your flaps. Some people get them removed for aesthetic reasons but you will be fine to keep them. Having flaps is a lot more healthy and easier on your body then having all that extra weight on board.

    • chole

      Heavens no if you do not want to get surgery then you don’t have to. That is totally your perogative as a patient. The doctor is NOT going to sit there and insist you get your flaps removed lol.

  25. missy richmond

    Can someone tell me how long does it take to start working? I just got my bottle yesterday and today was my first day taking them. I feel less hungry but how do you know it’s working?

    • Legacy

      It starts working within about 15-20 minutes. If you are less hungry you know it’s working 🙂 that is what it’s supposed to do.

      • ssmarielle

        It takes about 40 minutes for it to kick in for me. But once it does you have a feeling of being “full” all the time and therefor do not get hungry or crave food. It some how tricks your brain into thinking you are full even when you have not eaten. It’s genius I tell you! I am surprised more people don’t know about this. Well I suppose all the celebrities do.

        • missy richmond

          It’s been almost 3 months and I just wanted to report back in and let you all know that I have lost 33lbs. For anyone wondering “DOES IT WORK?” It does work, but you have make sure you are eating better as well. If you make lower calorie food choices, and stick with it, you will lose weight. You have to be committed though and take the pills consistently.

    • sonora lee

      I take it about 1/2 an hr before I eat my meals. It takes about that long to feel it for me but when it does I don’t even feel like eating anymore.

    • chole

      yes being less hungry is a side effect of the pills that is what you want. If your appetite is gone you know it’s working properly.

  26. Vicky

    Hi there,
    I need to lose 40 lbs. I would like to try Phentermine with the HCG diets and (injections).
    I would like to know if there is any associated risk in combining these products.
    I would appreciate your help.



    • Steve_00

      Vicky- PhentraminD is NON perscription, whereas Phentermine IS perscription. I would think that the non perscription version is safer to combine with the injections but I don’t know for sure. I would ask your doctor. If 40 lbs is all you have to lose then you may do just fine on just the phenD itself and eating healthy. Most people find it’s enough to help them lose the weight.

  27. persia

    I just started taking phentramin D and it’s only on day 6 and I have lost 5 pounds! I have been working out too so that helps I am sure but so far so good. I found that I do have dry mouth almost all day and I sweat a bit too. I would recommend this drug but everybody is different and may have different results. I also feel like its kind of hard to eat sometimes! I feel like i have to force myself to eat or i forget to eat. Before i was eating at least 3 times a day and now I cant even eat at all.

    • lilmiss

      I know that is exactly how I feel too. It’s so liberating to not be fixated on food all day long!

  28. loki

    I have 20 lbs to lose should I buy more then one months supply?

    • linda26

      If you are good with exercising and eating very clean, you could get by with only buying on month. I lost 15 lbs in my first month with not really doing much extra exercise wise, just taking the pills.

    • carolyn

      If you can afford it buy the three months. If you have some left over it can always be used down the road if you need it.

    • nepethane

      Buy one month and see if you like it. If you do, then you can always order more. That’s what I did.

  29. trevor

    One month might be enough for you but to be safe I would by two or three months. It’s cheaper to buy in bulk and also if you don’t lose the 20 in one month, you have it on hand to keep going on your plan uninterrupted.

  30. moca_001

    I am a 26 year old wife and I have two great childern. I am currently at the heaviest weight I have ever been in my entire life. At this point in my life I am willing to try anything because all I want is to be healthy and be around for my family. I really need help and support. I am hoping phentraminD will be the start of the answers to my prayers.

    • Steve_00

      Moca, yes I am 100% sure it will help you. Most people do report at least a 10 pound loss within the first month alone, more if you really eat carefully and exercise a lot. But, even without doing those things, you will still lose some weight. The reason is you won’t want to eat. When you don’t feel hungry all the time you won’t overeat. It takes away that feeling of hunger and makes you feel satisfied. If you need support or have questions these forums are really great. I have been taking phentramind off and on for a couple years so I know a fair bit about it so you can ask me anything. It really has changed my life.

  31. princeton1254

    Wahoo I am on day 4 and am down 4lbs!! Why didn’t I get this stuff sooner! It makes you not want to eat and you feel great, My friends are all ordering it now as well. Amazing! Bye bye water retention!

  32. Ron

    does anyone know if it is safe to buy online? will I get scammed or ripped off?

    • carolyn

      I got mine right here on this site. It was absolutely painless and easy and not a scam what-so-ever. The customer service was good too. I have no problem recommending them.

  33. tiffany chelan

    I have really bad joint pain and I am wondering if phend is safe to take with over the counter pain killers?

  34. Natasha

    I have a really bad hip pain (it’s partially dislocated) and I take advil all the time and it’s no problem.

    • tiffany chelan

      Hey thanks for the response. I take Advil too for my fused ankle. Being injured has made it super hard for me to exercise so I need a bit of extra “help” in the eating department to compensate. Hoping with this phentraminD I can start to get rid of some of this weight without having to get overly active.

      • missy richmond

        It will help you eat smaller portions and still be satisfied. It will keep your hunger in check but you still need to eat healthy especially if you can’t do any exercise.

  35. losing weight with PhenD!

    In a week I have lost 10 lbs with PhentraminD. Last week I weighed 194 and this week I am down to 184! I go dancing twice a week and have cut down on carbs, sugar and I am drinking lots of water.

  36. Alice

    I have only been taking phentraminD for three days and I am down 4 pounds. I am sure it’s all water but I don’t care it’s working and that’s all that matters. I am very thirsty on it, so drinking lots of water and so far I don’t feel any nervous side effects or anything like that.

  37. LBinny

    I have been reading up on various diet pills, it seems to be unanimous that phentermine and adipex are the best ones out there, but they say this phentraminD is just as good and you don’t need a prescription? Is that correct?

    • carolyn

      PhentraminD was made to “mimic” the effects of phentermine (hence why I think the name is so similar) but they wanted to make something with less side effects that is safe for everyone to take. There have been A LOT of issues with diet pills not being safe, which is why you need to be under a doctor’s supervision if you are taking them. So basically I think the ingredients in phentraminD work in a similar way to phentermine, they just use different, healthier ingredients to achieve the same effect.

    • nepethane

      Ya it’s the best one out there next to the prescription diet pills. Bascially, if you want a diet pill, and don’t want to get a RX, (or you can’t get an RX) then this is the one to buy. Don’t waste your time with all the other crap on the market. Lots of scams and stuff that doesn’t work out there.

    • hhobkrick

      Yes apparently it works just as well!

  38. Helping me get skinny!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE phentraminD!! I have tried everything to lose weight. I get exercise every day and eat pretty healthy but the scale was not budging. Could anything be more frustrating? Since I am on phentraminD I have lost 18 lbs in one month. I have never had anything give me results like this. I have told my friends and now they are ordering it too. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight.

  39. patricia low

    It works! I have been taking Phentramin D for 6 months (off and on the last 3 months) and I have lost 86 lbs! Sometimes I would have trouble sleeping at night and a dry mouth but I find it’s a small price to pay to have my life back. I am so much happier with life now!

  40. candy cane

    For once food is not ruling my life and dictating my every move. I have tried every diet in the book and all diets do are make me think about food EVEN MORE. The fact that phentraminD takes away that feeling of wanting to eat (you won’t even eat when you are bored) allows me to actually concentrate on other things in my life besides food i.e. family & friends, my hobbies, and my work. I feel better about myself already and feel better about life.

  41. Jan Smith

    It makes me work out harder and longer and definately push myself a lot more then I normally would. I love the stuff. The weight has never come off so easy. I am also cutting out all carbs from my diet, which has been easier then I thought because I just don’t have the cravings for food like before.

  42. andrea

    OK I was skeptical but I am starting to become a believer too. It’s only been three days and I have lost 5 lbs. I know it’s not very much but for only 3 days, wow. I have never lost that much in such a short time. I am so EXCITED! I can’t wait to be thin!!

  43. SunshineRanch

    I have been taking phentramin D for 3 months, and have been trying to eat really healthy (i still have my bad days here and there) in total I have lost over 30 lbs. I am finding now though that the effects of the phentramin are starting to wear off a bit? So I would say it’s a really good kick start, but I would not depend on it for a long period of time.

  44. _SSM_

    I started a no sugar/low starch/carb diet and I am taking phentraminD at the same time. The weight loss is more then I could have imagined! After 2 weeks I have lost 15 pounds! Very happy with this result- so – thanks!

  45. michelle ainsley

    First three days I was down three lbs. day 4 nothing, day 5 another pound and a half. Then on day six I was up a pound? should I be worried?

    • SunshineRanch

      OMG No you should NOT be worried! lol You are off to a great start. It took me 3 months to lose 33 lbs and some days I would be up a bit. It’s nothing to worry about. Honestly, don’t weight your self every day. You will only make yourself upset if you are up a bit. I would do it every week and you are sure to see the scale going down, down, down, bit by bit every week.

      • michelle ainsley

        Thanks- it’s been 3 more days and I am down 2 more lbs. Guess I just gotta keep at it and don’t stress if the scale is up a bit here and there…

  46. woodlands

    feeling a bit light headed taking these pills. Is this normal? I am not hungry at all though.

    • hhobkrick

      ya it’s normal in the beginning. It should go away within a few days. You can pop an advil if it gets really bad.

  47. mossy

    Fist couple weeks I was losing about 5 lbs per week. Now I am only losing one or 2 lbs per week. It’s slowing down. Is this normal? I have about 10 more pounds to lose.

  48. foodie

    What type of foods should I be eating while taking Phen D? I want to get the most out of this and I don’t really know where to start. I know my current eating habits are atrotious but do I have to stop eating everything bad?

    • missy

      If you are really serious about losing weight YES stop eating bad foods! I can’t stress this enough you have to eat better and it takes some doing but it’s crucial if you want to lose weight.

  49. andrew

    i have been taking this product for about a month now, and about two weeks ago i noticed that every time i take it i get light headed all day long. if i dont take it, im not lightheaded. has this happened to anybody else?

    • Leona

      Try just talking half the pill and see if that helps at all. It just might be a bit much for you.

  50. A. Luca

    Yeah I was a bit lightheaded the first few days of taking it but it went away afterwards. Remember to eat enough food as your blood sugar might be low if you are not eating enough. That happens a lot with Phen D cause you just don’t wanna eat.

  51. Swirls

    I just did my first day of phen d and I was starving the for the later part of the day. Is this suppose to happen? I really hope it works for me as I spent most of my money on the three month supply. I don’t have lots of money for health foods what would you guys recommend? Also how much exercise should one do while taking this for optimal results? Thanks for the reply. I’ll let you guys know hownim doing as time progresses.

    • missy

      Are you eating breakfast and lunch? Are you taking the pills on an empty stomach 1/2 hr before your eat? For me, I will still eat and I eat very pretty healthy foods but it takes away the cravings for constant snacking throughout the day. The types of foods you should be eating are lots of protien. i.e. lean meats such as boneless skinless chicken breast, turkey breast, lean slices of ham, lean cuts of steak (no rib eyes), eat as many non starchy vegetables as you want but NO DIP. You can also eat low fat dairy i.e. yogurt, cottage cheese, skim milk. Stay away from bread, pasta, potatoes, sweets (really all sugar & junk food). You can have a couple of peices of fruit per day, this is what I eat if I need a snack. Hope this gets you started!

    • missy

      Oh I should add you should try and get some exercise every day, but if that’s not possible even if you walk for 30 minutes 3-4 times per week that will help with your fitness. Honestly weight loss is one of those things that the more you put into it the more you will get out of it. Phen D is not a magic miracle pill, it’s just a helper for the big picture. 🙂

    • Tisha

      Stay away from sugar as much as possible. I.e. eat one orange but don’t have a glass of orange jiuce as that is like eating 5 oranges.

  52. lacy

    How are you doing Swirls? Missy has given some really good advice, you should really not feel like you are starving. Hopefully you are making some progress now. I myself have lost 13 pounds in 3.5 weeks. I am pretty happy with that so far.

  53. ainsly8711

    I have been on it for two weeks and I have lost 8 pounds. I am not at the point where I am not at all ever hungry, but I am for sure eating less and have more energy. Like someone else said, it’s not a miracle pill but it is a good tool to help you along the way.

  54. Patricia Ortiz

    I have been taking phentramin D now for 6 months and I have lost 37 lbs. Most of my clothes are now a size 6. I find it does take the bulk of your hunger away, and does give the boost in energy. I should add that I do 30 minutes of walking 5 x per week as well.

  55. samantha

    What is the most amount of weight anyone has lost with phentramin D??

    • MJ

      I know somone that lost 22 lbs after one month. I myself only lost 15 lbs after the first month but for sure losing over 20 in a month is possible.

    • glenn

      I lost 16 lbs in 2 weeks. I could not be happier it’s an amazing product!

    • Gem

      I lost 60 lbs in 5 months while taking phentramin D. I still have another 20 or so to go but this has been the biggest step I have taken to get my health and life back under control.

      • lc

        Did you exersize while taking the pills? If so what did you do?

        • ali

          I have an elliptical at home and I go on it 4-5 days a week for half an hr. It’s very easy and convinient!

  56. H. Hobkirk

    I am on week one and I have already lost 5 lbs. This stuff really works and it’s a quality product. I am barely ever hungry and it has taken away my interest in food all together. If you have any doubts if it works well or not, for me I’d say YES try it, it’s amazing.

  57. BriAnne

    After three pregnancies I have packed on an extra 60 or so lbs that I am now desparate to get rid of. (I am 23 years old and 5’4″ tall. I have tired dieting alone but I will be so good for a week or two to only lose a pound or two and then I will eat something delisious just once, and boom, I will be right back up to where I started. It hardly seems worth it. I have read a lot of good things about phentramin d so I am really hoping that it will help me too!

    • MJ

      Yes I hear you about trying sooo hard to be good and then having a bit of a binge here and there. It’s the most frustrating thing to work so hard and then seeing so little results. It’s not motivating at all and sometimes you think why bother?

    • Marie

      I think these will really help you. They will control your cravings and you will have less focus on food in your life. They make it so that you eat to live, not live to eat. 🙂 60 lbs, 3 months, you can do it.

  58. angel

    This really works. Along with diet and exersize I lost 54 lbs in 3 months.

  59. Kim

    I just started taking Phen-d on the 23 of june but i am only taking one a day. I have been doing really good until yesterday and i felt hungry all day for some reason. How often should i weigh?

    • gem

      I would stick to taking 2 pills a day and then if you feel you need less you can back off by only taking half for your dose. This should help keep your hunger at bay for the whole day. As for weigh ins, I only do once a week as sometimes I will have small daily fluctuations but I know others who are very aggressive with their dieting weigh themselves 3x per week.

  60. Deb

    Hi I started Phen-d on the 23rd of June too. I must say after reading all the wonderful results from everyone i’m feeling a bit discouraged. It has been a week and i have not lost a single pound, in fact i have actually put on a pound. A friend and me started at the same time, he says he has felt so energetic and has lost about 3 pounds. I on the other hand, don’t feel energetic, i have actually fallen asleep shortly after taking Phen-d. Am i doing something wrong. Yes it has curbed my appetite, and i have been eating considerably less, drinking tons of water and i walk at least 30mins everyday. So i’m going to stick out, maybe something will change in week 2. I really hope so.

    • missy

      @ Deb – it does effect everyone differently. I think if it’s curbing your appetite and you are eating less, it is working. What kinds of foods are you eating out of curiosity? Even though you are eating less, you might just be eating the wrong things. For example, all those lean cusine type pre-made meals that are marketed for losing weight are full of sodium that make you retain water. Keep at it and don’t give up, for some the weight comes of faster then for others.

      • Deb

        Thanks Missy,
        I’m eating low carb foods. I used to buy pre-made food, but i have not done so this year. I’ve decided to stay away from them. I make my own food from scratch. It’s exactly 4 weeks today, and i’ve lost about 4 pounds (i work in kgs, i’m assuming 2kgs is 4 pounds). Yes i have lost, but i’m not sure if it is due to the pills or just the fact that it’s summer and you generally eat less when it’s hot. I have a question do you find phend effects your mood, i have had terrible mood swings since i started.

        • Christa

          Deb- I don’t have the “mood swings” per se but I do find that I am quite irritable. Or I am not sure if that is because I am not eating very much and that is why I am irritable? but for some reason I am a lot bitchier lately. I think it must be the phen d. I have lost 11 lbs though so I am going to stick it through for another month or so.

    • lenore

      The exact same thing happened to me. I have been taking it for a month now and I have only lost 5.5 lbs and I don’t really feel the extra energy. I know I am eating less but I was really hoping for more of a response. The frustrating thing is, is that I have two other friends that are taking it too. One girl lost 14 lbs in her first two weeks. The other is down 17 lbs after a month. They both feel the extra energy while I am still “waiting” for mine to kick in. It is a bit discouraging but I am going to keep it up for one more month.

  61. Blackhawk

    I am losing weight with phentramin d but I am also doing an hr of cardio every day and watching what I eat. It’s tough to know if it’s actually the phentramin d or my new way of life that is the culprit of my weight loss but maybe taking it was just the push I needed to shape up. I will stop taking it in a few weeks and see what happends.

    • crescent lad

      That is what I wonder too. Is it all your hard work or really the pills. I am guessing it’s your hard work.

      • Blackhawk

        Ok It’s week 2 of NOT taking any Phentramin at all and none of the weight has come back. I am still doing an hr of cardio but down to 4 x per week instead of 6 x. Still eating a lof of salads and veggies but have had the odd cheat day here and there. The appetite has come back so I am really trying to be careful. Will post again in another week or so.

      • Christa Trenh

        It’s both. If you take phentramin d and work hard at your diet and exercise you will lose more than if you just diet and exercise alone. What it did for me was give me a huge weight loss in the beginning which motiavted me to keep going and keep it up long after I stopped taking the pills. Sure you could just take the pills without doing anything else and hope for the best, but if you want to maximize your results you will eat better and workout too.

  62. lazy gourmet

    I am doing really well with my diet and phentramin D. I find that it does give me good enery and does NOT keep me up at night at all as that was the thing I was most afraid of. I can take it as late as 6 in the evening and still go to bed a midnight no problem.

  63. bennie

    If you are taking phentramin D and having to force yourself to eat then reduce the dosage i.e. only take half.

    • c. dawg

      Or just don’t eat and you will lose a ton!

      • bennie

        Not healthy not to eat. Your body needs to be fed or it will go into starvation mode and as soon as you stop taking the pills and start eating again you will gain all the weight back plus some. Our bodies are designed to hold onto weight incase there is a famine or food shortage.

  64. Stevie

    Help I am in a friends wedding in 6 weeks and I want to lose 15-20 lbs by then. It is a tropical wedding and I want to look good in both my dress AND bathing suit. I have never dieted before I am looking for the quick fix. Do I need to diet or will it work with just taking the pills?

    • bennie

      You will lose weight on just the pills alone because you won’t want to eat, but if you work out too you will lose more faster.

  65. going4gold

    My head has been feeling fuzzy/foggy. It’s hard to think clearly. It’s day five for me and it started yesterday. Anyone else have this and were you able to make it go away?

    • Meghan P.W.

      Come to think of it, yes I did have the foggy head feeling around day four or so. I drank a lot of water and ate something everytime I felt this way and I did help quite a bit. I should go away eventually.

  66. veronica

    doc will not give me a prescription for Phentermine so I am gonna try these instead. I need the boost so I am really hoping these will give me what I need…

    • Casita

      ya it should help motivate you it really gives things a good kick start. People stick with things a lot better when the results are quick!

      • veronica

        it’s been a month and I have lost 14.5 lbs. I am happy with this and I think if I can lose another 15 or so I will be in really good shape. I have a lot of extra energy, no headaches or moodiness either. Back to order another bottle!

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